As it's AND AND here's a few folks to grab some links and sounds from music, arts and entertainment.

▶️ @Acousticroutes radio show bringing you the best Folk, Roots and Acoustic music.

▶️ @pal is the Welsh language home for @pfx

▶️ @ypodcymru is a Welsh podcast service, great library of pods from across

Share your favourite @Mastodon accounts to follow for new and interesting !

🎧 🎵 hapus pawb!

Today is day, here's a few ways to join in:

▶️ is hosting a Welsh music festival starting at 2pm until 10 tonight

▶️ @ypodcymru has a special podcast for today at

▶️ BBC Sounds has a 6 part podcast telling the story of Welsh language pop music from the 60's 'til now

▶️ Spotify has a 2021 playlist for you to discoer new music from

A collection of podcasts suitable for language learners. Improve your Welsh and practice your listening skills through listening to Welsh podcasts.

Ar gyfer eleni, rydyn ni’n dod â’r i ti yn lle! Rhwng 2pm-10pm ddydd Gwener 5 Chwefror, byddwn ni’n cynnal gŵyl ar fydd yn LLAWN miwsig .

For this year’s , we are bringing the to you!

On Friday 5 Feb between 2pm-10pm (yes 8 hours!) we’re hosting a festival on FULL of language music content.

5 February 2021 is Language Music Day - celebrating all forms of Welsh Language music. Whether you’re into , , , , , , or anything else, there’s incredible music being made in the Welsh language for you to discover.

Here's some playlists to prep for

It's been a rough year in many ways, and somewhere down the list is a rough year for . So here's 10 of the best tries have scored in the Rugby World Cup. Glorious torpedo from Ieuan Evans to John Devereux, Shane Williams being Shane Williams, but pay particular attention to Gethin Jenkins' not one but two hilarious dummies. Cheeky.

The SSiW Online 2020 is now live and ready for your participation! The aim is to have fun and take part! There is something for everyone, even if you just started learning this week!

There are various categories - written, musical and visual - so have a look to see what takes your fancy.

All the information can be found on the forum at -

Fundraiser by José Rodolfo da Silva : My Welsh citizenship, fy ninasyddiaeth Gymreig

José is Brazilian, and is the first person ever to take the UK citizenship test in , and he's looking for some help covering the application fee.

Storm Francis uncovers more 'sunken' forest in Cardigan Bay

Fond memories of restaurant Cantre'r Gwaelod in , now closed, named for this forest

Celtic Christianity: History of seat of learning revealed

My home town of Llanilltud Fawr

Did you know Thomas Jefferson spoke ? Or that Lincoln's family home is in Bala? 5 of the first 6 US presidents were of Welsh descent:

The Alphabet #12


Here's a few videos to check your pronunciation and see how close you got. Remember, Welsh, like any other language, has regional differences in pronunciation. I'm from South Wales on the Glamorgan coast, so my accent is different than people in Mid Wales or North Wales etc. None of them are right or wrong. Just different.

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