The Crown episode Tywysog Cymru features language dialogue in an incredibly natural and unabashed format, kudos to the writers and producers for running the episode in its most natural format! Closing credits features Dafydd Iwan's "Carlo" as well 馃槂

"Bob wythnos mae e'n darllen Y Cymro a'r Faner,
Yn darllen Dafydd ap Gwilym yn ei wely bob nos,
Mae dyfodol y wlad a'r iaith yn agos at ei galon fach ef,
Y mae'n fwy o genedlaetholwr na'r FWA"

馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伔鬆伂鬆伋鬆伩 An apology has been issued but how is this still a thing?

BBC News - Ammanford factory workers told to stop speaking

馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伔鬆伂鬆伋鬆伩 Wyt ti'n siarad ?

@newyorkwelsh has just released a wonderful new podcast. In a two-part series exploring the history and future of the language, Gideon and Richard guide us on a journey through time, featuring interviews with expert guests and historians. Definitely worth a listen this weekend and - spoiler alert - part 2 is a cracker too!




Eight minutes to go and every single is looking to lock up the bonus point. Leigh Halfpenny absolutely on form under the high ball. One more try in the closing minutes will do it.

If anyone knows (or is) or Welsh-speaking and lives in Hong Kong please let me know, I have a request from Y Byd ar Bedwar regarding a documentary they are making about the current events in Hong Kong from a Welsh perspective. 馃嚟馃嚢 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伔鬆伂鬆伋鬆伩

<<RT @newyorkwelsh: Join us at @TheLibertyNYC Sunday 10/13, 2:30pm EST for the @BAFTACymru Awards live viewing event. Come and celebrate the best in film, television and games production with a live screening direct from Wales!>>

AUSvWAL Match Thread 

@pixelfed Thanks @dansup for merging the Welsh translation pull request in, looking forward to growing a focussed instance in the coming months! Diolch yn fawr iawn 馃槂 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伔鬆伂鬆伋鬆伩

I usually have a terrible time getting programmes in North America, but I just found this page which really, really, really needs better publicity - it lists all the shows that are free to watch outside the UK - scroll down to see the list - but seriously, why are we restricting one of the greatest language resources? How much money are we losing if we made 100% free to the world? 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伔鬆伂鬆伋鬆伩 馃摵 馃槚

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