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See you tonight 😀

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🥂 @NewYorkWelsh@twitter.com MeetUp

📆 Tonight! Tues 21 May

📍 @TheLibertyNYC@twitter.com - 29 W 35 St

🕠 5.30pm onwards (arrive anytime)

🗽 Everyone and anyone welcome!

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Shu Mai. One if my unfulfilled business ideas is Shu Mai but filled with flavours (leek and potato, lamb and mint, rhubarb and custard...) and sell them from a food truck called Shwmae Dumplings.

Seems like we should have a similar contest in South with and the event should be called "Please Run Caerffili" youtube.com/watch?v=6fora0Tmtn

Does anyone know of a Word of the Day site with an RSS feed or similar?

Still ploughing through work at in , but I wanted to extend a warm to all the new folks coming by to check us out, please say hi and make everyone feel at home - quite a few folks would like to practice their @daf @scarletdave @platinum50 @Adrian @anniemo71 @dannywith @tokenwelshman @crwbran @PlanhigionArHap

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