In case you needed it, here's advice from Gwent Police on keeping your shed safe.

Sensible ? A testicle ??

doedd byth yn hanes y byd caill synhwyrol
pob tro mae arni eisiau bod yn gymdeithasol
pan dwysau’r pwys ei phaill
mae rhywbeth ar y gweill
yn achosi pob math cyffro adfywiol, affwysol

Apparently it's today but it's not all doom & gloom, how's this for something to be positive about: here in Wales more & more people are recycling making us the 3rd best recyclers in the world!
Check out our Recycling Locator tool:

Gair y Dydd: dedfryd - ar y 19 Ionawr 1937, 83 mlynedd i ddoe, y cafodd Tri Penyberth ddedfryd o naw mis o garchar.

Word of the Day: dedfryd 'sentence': – on 19 January 1937, 83 years ago yesterday, the 'Penyberth Three' were sentenced to nine months in prison. (See

‪Pint of “Snowy Beacons” from Brecon Brewing.....can’t beat a good blonde.... 👱‍♀️ 👧 🍺 @BreconBrewing @boroughneath ‬

Now becomes part of a very small group of people who have one of these! and the team at of course!

Professor Calvin Jones of Cardiff Business School writes on why a Green New Deal is insufficient to save our planet


@TheBeastOfBaglan @gomez @fedilab @gomez is our alternative to Instagram, and now works on the Fedilab app.

Gair y Dydd: mynachlog – hanes diddorol am Ystrad Fflur a ffermdy Mynachlog Fawr yn .

Word of the Day: mynachlog 'a monastery, abbey': – watch this TV programme about the interesting history of Strata Florida abbey and Mynachlog Fawr farmhouse . (English subtitles available)

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