@nuala the Dwarves doing all the mining? Moria festooned with stone-clockwork devices running the Blokh-Chain

@ianbetteridge If we are expecting more high ball I'd expect Liam Williams and Josh Adams in. Is Finn fit? He'd be nice to see. At the end of the day this is spectacle, we should be focussed less on the win and more on the production of an entertaining demonstration of and its values. Meaning, I hope the whole squad gets some time on the pitch and Gats just lets everyone show off some world-class rugby to bring more fans in. All this online tosh is not good for business imo.

@ianbetteridge yep, had to avoid my phone's notifications yesterday I til meetings were finished, but I have the NBC app for the matches. Looking forward to the decider. I feel Gats is holding a surprise team in reserve.

@gomez alternating between various shades of blue. Mostly fine, but I don't recommend it.

I'll be in Wyoming for work for a week, will be offline a bunch, hopefully everything runs smoothly but mods know how to reach me if needed

@doombunny @gomez definitely needs a bell and some stickers. Maybe tassels too.

@gomez thanks mate, seems like it just needs ice, elevation and rest. Hopefully eases over the next few days

@gomez fractured 4 and 5 metatarsals, and fractured lateral cuneiform. Torn something something ligament. But I have a new pink scooter so things are going well

@Lolacopa1 also, I have to do an ice bath every hour, and when I take my swollen sausage toes out, the dog tries to eat them. Good times.

@AdamALiberatore many thanks! After an MRI today I'm left with three fractures and a torn ligament, but I escape surgery. So I have a new boot and a fun little scooter.

@Lolacopa1 sure thing. I'm gonna be bored for a few weeks being immobile, I'd be glad of the connection if your mate is looking for a bit of work

@gomez twas a tweedish cap, when I feel fit enough to hobble to my office I'll snap a pic

@Lolacopa1 would your friend take an assignment for a book I've been wanting to do for a while?

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