Made my own #Artober prompt list if anyone's looking for arting ideas in this, the month of 'Tober ^.^

One thing I like about posting podcasts here is that people have the ability to comment with private posts. Just gives people more options with how they can engage and offer feedback.

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Can anyone recommend a for Desktop book or website?

I've not tried using Ubuntu since Dapper Drake, but after finding Chromebooks fast, I'm wondering about getting a Star Systems laptop as my next machine. Or maybe a Steamdeck and using desktop mode. Most of my work is writing.

Really confused about why we've settled on October as daily art prompt month when it's one of the busiest months of the year for most artists

Thinking about weed suppressant fabric. I don't really like the idea of using all that plastic in my allotment, but the weeds are really bad

Ukpol - Wales 

Yesterday, I read the paper Plaid Cymru mentioned on fiscal deficit.

Now, I’m far from an expert, but it feels optimistic to say the inherited deficit will be as low as £2.6bn? The paper concedes there are huge unknowns that will influence the figure, not least with pension/debt liabilities and public policy decisions. I can’t imagine the UK would agree to continue paying pensions in full without expecting something in return.

Keen to hear informed thoughts on this, though!

Thanks to everyone for boosting my podcast. I has no tracking, ads, plugs for Patreon, sponsors, or any of that nonsense.

The only way to support the podcast is to boost, comment, and like. Since I don't know how many people listen to it, your direct feedback is all I've got to go on, so please make your feelings know.

If you want to, it's fine if you don't. Don't let me tell you what to do.

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I really like how mp3s are embedded. It's a shame that opus files are not supported in the same way though. Maybe hopefully someday soon.

This post is just giving ogg (Vorbis) files a go.

I think Mastodon might be a good platform to bring back my AprilCast style podcast thingies. Any thoughts?

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Reminder: Russell Brand is only interested in Brand Russell Brand.

Does anyone know of any civic tech opportunities in Wales right now? I'm quite keen to contribute to any projects where I may have a relevant skillset to offer, but I barely know where to start looking

Watching a video of a lady speaking in Scots from Shetland and she says "my name is ___ but that's my married name. My real name is ___"

Which is an interesting way of self identifying yourself.

For all you knitting and Ubuntu fans, may I present the laptop bag I made @doctormo some years ago.

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