Did you know that you can backup all your data in a file with #Fedilab?
It allows you to transfer them from a device to another one. The import feature is available in the login page too. No need te reconnect all your accounts.
You will keep your tag timelines, followed instances and bookmarks too. #tip

Pardon My Welsh (it's not my first language) - SoundCloud Listen to Pardon My Welsh (it's not my first language) by WelshWhisperer on

Biodiversity: 'Beast of Beddau' is new millipede find. Does this mean @TheBeastOfBaglan is also an indigenous rare find?

Proud to be attending the AGM in Bristol today. We'll be represented today by two partners, Peter Trott and @davidoclubb

Here's why we chose Triodos to be our bank afallen.cymru/2019/03/02/banki

@TheBeastOfBaglan ach I thought you were at the match, I meant a photo of the pitch/grounds

T诺t! I have a question for you: We've been trundling along for two months now, and it's time to check in and see what we can add for you. Would you like... more ? What would you like to see in your feed when you check in?

Flashback: A #tropical #stream in #Hawaii, somewhere along the trail to the 420-ft Akaka Falls on the Big Island. I've been digging out the originals of photos I posted in low resolution back in the day. This seemed like a good one for #EarthDay.

#nature #馃寧

When viewed across the solar system, Earth is just a speck in the cosmos. Images taken of Earth from missions such as @OSIRISRex & @CassiniSaturn remind us of how precious our home planet is. View more images of Earth from afar & celebrate #EarthDay: earthobservatory.nasa.gov/coll 

"We came all this way to explore the Moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the Earth." - Bill Anders, Apollo 8

Anders' iconic Earthrise photo taken in 1968 helped spark the first #EarthDay. Can you see why? #PictureEarth

As we celebrate #EarthDay, enjoy these views of our home that can only be seen from the distance of deep space. In conjunction with our #Apollo50th anniversary, we鈥檙e sharing thoughts from our @NASA_Astronauts who鈥檝e beheld the beauty of Earth from afar: solarsystem.nasa.gov/news/912/ 

Fly away! This crane was standing on the road around #MadronaMarsh, swaying back and forth and looking upward like it was dancing or something, until it finally decided to fly off.

#EarthDay #birds #nature #wings #california #marsh
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