💀 Welsh language horror film Gwledd (the Feast) will hit UK cinemas in August, and has been given a new trailer nation.cymru/culture/watch-new


[reminder - Wenglish. Might be something rude in Cymraeg go iawn]

mae fy ngob yn cael ei smacio

In today's "I can't brain today"....
I gave my sister a keyboard to use for WFH and a nice new braided cable. Might have been an idea to check if one fitted the other first. 🤦‍♂️

"The method has been developed in collaboration with Airbus and takes advantage of technological advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning,"

Visions here of an aircraft receiving an unusual (but authentic) command mid flight, say, in an emergency, and deciding not to respond to it because it flags it as malicious.


A house by the sea at Beesands in South Devon. Gouache and watercolour.

One of the stunning views on today's walk above the Rhondda. The bluebells are starting to die back now but were still looking beautiful and vibrant in the sunshine today.

A hectic week at work. Lots going on, all (hopefully) leading towards positive outcomes. Even so it’s nice to take a step back sometimes, and breathe.

Luckily this tranquil spot is five minutes walk from the office.

Mae drama newydd ar S4c.. and it *doesn't* have the "usual suspect" actors who are in every other S4c drama

Arsylwi dosbarth Cymraeg lefel Mynediad heno. Maent ar uned 7 ond yn gwneud yn dda iawn.

Stop picking carnivorous penis , Cambodian environmental officials plead
People picking penis pitcher plant poses problems.

Time to get moving. Today's job is fitting uPVC surround to a door and some garden tidying.

I've also been shortlisted for interview so that will need planning later. Slightly awkward place to get to from here, but I'm sure it's doable!

(Cyf. y bŵsts diwetha) - mae’r lle ‘ma yn atgoffa fi o ddyddiau cynnar maes-e.com

I do love the German flower postage stamps. Their bluebells call the hares instead of cuckoos. Do our harebells call the nightingales?

Llyfr nesa yng nghyfres Library of Wales, sef The Hill of Dreams gan Arthur Machen. Wedi cael blas arno eisoes, mynd i’w ardal enedigol ar ein gwyliau ddiwedd mis Mehefin.







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