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Ydych chi'n moyn cyflwyniad i ragleni gorau Trosolwg yma!
Would you like an introduction to some of the best programmes on S4C?
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@JPEG hey mate, just sent a pull request to add Welsh/Cymraeg localisation - let me know if you have any questions.

Helo dysgwyr! Mae cwmni wedi creu gêm gair yn yr iaith- perffaith i ymestyn eich geirfa. Manylion llawn:


New Year’s Day 48 page full colour programme featured an interview with the Club Chairman, as well as a Welsh Language article by Matthew Jones of and a break down of Wales Euro 2020 opponents!


David Jandrell is a best-selling author of Welsh Valleys dialect books, and after setting himself the challenge of writing a scifi story he wrote a novella. is publishing this on Kindle, and an introduction and extract is here:

OK so I've got here via Reddit. What's happening?

@jaz Cool. So okay to cross post some of my content from my Instagram feed and blog then? Most of my stuff revolves around food and opinion!

@gwilym So @rosa_ieuan will be down Cardigan way next week with his girlfriend, anything you can recommend for the young'uns to do/see?

@andrawatkins @WelshPixie @IanCykowski - remember, Tŵt is part of a network of networks, so it's worth following folks on other Mastodon servers to build your audience/circle.

Os oes gan unrhywun diddordeb yn be ma'r Cymry'n gwneud yn Efrog Newydd, croeso i chi wrando i'r podleiad yma (yn Saesneg):

Band ardderchog newydd o Gaerfyrddin sy'n canu yn y Gymraeg. Gwyliwch mas am Dydd Miwsig Cymru hefyd!

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