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Did you know that your teabags, meat bones, eggshells & fruit & veg peelings could power your morning wash?
It's a good job 90% of us in Wales now recycle our food waste.
Find out about food recycling at:

Dydd Miwsig Cymru - Welsh Language Music Day

Beth fyddi di’n gwneud ar Noson Tân Gwyllt? 🎆🎇

Beth am wrando ar ein rhestr chwarae 'O Gwmpas y Tân cyn mynd i weld tân gwyllt 🔥?


I absolutely love the Internet. The freedom of expression, the accessibility to all, the open standards; it has brought so much information and empowerment to so many, it constantly amazes me. As someone who was working on the WWW in the 90s I have watched it grow from humble beginnings to global juggernaut.

However, I'm not certain how I feel about the Internet bringing together people from around the world so I can buy some antipodean gentleman's dirty trousers.

Sand Storm - Cold Black Label - 4.6% ABV. B+ and a bit, dry, semi tropical and with a strong bitter finish #beer #bier #ale

3.3/5. Spring out / Christmas in. Monday Club in The Tumble Inn #Pontypridd

I spent part of my afternoon admiring a single maple leaf clinging to a tree in our backyard. Or was I admiring the tree? All the others have dropped but for this one single leaf. It holds on. We had a few days of pretty gusty winds. It held on. Even yesterday, there was a breeze and other leaves on other trees were gently falling. It held on. Either the leaf refuses to leave, or the tree refuses to let go. In either case, it's a scene of resilience, and one that caught my eye. #smallstories

Silly cones

Yr impiadau cythreuliaidd hollol ddigywilydd
yn corcio drwy’r nos yn gorfoddelus gyda’n gilydd.
pob un yn fwy na natur
ond llai na ffynnon cysur.
Daeth ohonyn nhw dim ond gwich a swnio fel cerydd

BOOM! Our #Kickstarter is funded! Big THX to all #space pilots for believing in and trusting us! We know, this means more than ever, so thank you very much, indeed! See you all on #SteamEarlyAccess in Sep 2020! #indiedev #indiegame 👽🚀

Tonight's Moon - Nov 3rd, 2019
48% Illuminated

Canon SL2/200D - Sigma 75-300 Super Micro APO DG Lens - ISO 100

#photos #foto #photography #luna #lunar #moon

Hwn wythnos ar : Mae Retsuko yn eisiau i allan'r swyddfa felly hi'n mynd/ces i'r Goukon (Cymdeithswr); ond mae Tsuboone yn "rhaid/angen" help.

This week on : Retsuko wants to leave the office so that she can go to the Goukon (mixer); but Tsubone "needs" help.

: yn

Any Rugby on today?

Swirlybitssss! I'm much better at drawing acanthus ornamenation than the last time I tried 😊 #MastoArt

DEUXIÈME ESSAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Je pleure pour les pauvres anglais qui souffrent pour approcher la ligne adverse, puis se prennent un essai facilement posé (presque).

32 à 12 pour l'Afrique du Sud

#RWC2019 #ENGvRSA 🏉

It took 65 minutes but we got some world class rugby there for fifteen minutes, What a turnaround from last week, England with the dominance and South Africa looking weak against a battered Wales.

This week? Sprinboks fired up, moving the ball, dominating the space and closing out the second half with good, clean work getting them over the line, while England are literally blood-spattered and aimless, unable to answer any of the questions Bokke was bringing.

Congratulations South Africa!

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