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If you've just joined Tŵt you're probably wondering “OK... now what?”

First things first, set things up the way you want them.
Fill out your profile at – Upload a photo or avatar for your account, choose whether or not to be in the directory, lock your account if you want to manually approve each follow request, and add any links to your other profiles on the Web.

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A very happy birthday to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page who co-wrote the legendary Stairway to Heaven at Bron-yr-Aur in Powys 50 years ago.
Did you know that by recycling 1 banana skin, you could listen to the whole song 3 times?
Discover what else you could power:

Gair y Dydd: sarn – mae sawl sarn fel hon yn ymestyn allan i Fae Ceredigion.

Word of the Day: sarn 'a causeway': – a number of 'sarnau' such as this one stretch out into Cardigan bay, the result of glaciation from the last ice age.

Stadiwm Principality, Caerdydd 🏉 :rygbi: :wru: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Gair y Dydd: pridd y wadd – un o'r pethau trafferthus hynny sydd weithiau'n ymddangos yn y caeau neu ar y lawnt.

Word of the Day: pridd y wadd 'a molehill': – one of those troublesome things which occur occasionally in fields or lawns.

people were talking about the millennium bug recently, well it turns out a lot of the fixes just delayed the problem to 2020

"Programmers wanting to avoid the Y2K bug had two broad options: entirely rewrite their code, or adopt a quick fix called “windowing”, which would treat all dates from 00 to 20, as from the 2000s, rather than the 1900s. An estimated 80 per cent of computers fixed in 1999 used the quicker, cheaper option."

"Those systems that used the quick fix have now reached the end of that window, and have rolled back to 1920. Utility company bills have reportedly been produced with the erroneous date 1920, while tens of thousands of parking meters in New York City have declined credit card transactions because of the date glitch."

@CateHop @richardnosworthy @stephenbrooksUK @Lynsey @MagyarCymru To learn more about our little corner of the Fediverse, read which describes our mission and promise to you, our members. Cofion cynnes, @jaz

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Croeso @CateHop @richardnosworthy @stephenbrooksUK @Lynsey @MagyarCymru please see for some tips on getting started, and check out and too! You can call me out with @jaz to let me know if you need any help or want to share any feedback!

Without Adam there wouldn t be a whisper about apple tarts
so, a good gift came from his lack of morals.
As the delicacy is elevated
a feeling of thanks should rise
as an obvious Adams apple in our throats

on a lighter note

The father of pies

Heb Adda fyddai dim si am darten ‘falau
felly, daeth rodd da o’i ddiffyg moesau.
wrth cafodd ddantaith ei ddyrchafu
dylai deimlad diolch codi
fel afal breuant amlwg yn ein gwyddfau

BEST thing I've seen all week.

Leonardo DiCaprio Refuses to Date a Woman His Age [OC]

Dwi'n newydd darganfod arall band Cymraeg yn wych....ANWELEDIG....Reggae (ish) hefyd!!
Just discovered another great Welsh band ANWELEDIT...reggae (ish) too! @anweledig25

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