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Spuds you like: Potato Photographer of the Year – in pictures

The inaugural Potato Photographer of the Year prize has gone to a potato getting a lockdown haircut. Judged by a panel including organiser Benedict Brain and Martin Parr, the competition raised funds for the food bank charity, The Trussell Trust

Voting in Wales has changed!
Please share this. Especially to our young people!

The first handful of runner beans sounds like a starter's pistol. Variety: 'Moonlight'

Dear NHS Superstars, was on BBC1 tonight.
Brilliant program. If you missed it, please watch it on catch up.
Best program in TV! (From someone who hardly ever watches it

Gair y Dydd: hwrdd – ar ddiwrnod olaf Sioe Frenhinol rithiol 2020.

Word of the Day: hwrdd 'a ram' (see GPC's entry for various other meanings): – on the last day of the virtual Royal Welsh Show 2020.

SURVEY: Which instances do you think belong on this map of the Fediverse that I'm making? If you know something about the reputation of ANY instances, including big or general ones, please let me know!

The live spreadsheet of candidates can be found here:

Posters of the map will be available in the by the end of July.

Please boost this post so it can gather as many replies as possible. :blobcat:
I tend to agree with this as would my niece living in Massachusetts. I wondered what you thought @AngharadHafod
I certainly fear for Americans with this awful disease. 😭

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