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Here's a few pics I took yesterday from Nuuksio National Park. I was out there with my wife to "hunt" mushrooms, mostly funnel chantarels that grow there by the millions. In a few hours we gathered some 2,5 kg of mushrooms.

This Centaur Oakblue (Arhopala centaurus) stayed on the plant and didn't move much when I got close to take this shot of it.

Spotted at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore, on 13 Oct. 2020.

The butterfly is a member of a group of butterflies known as Oakblues, with blue upperparts and can sometimes be difficult to ID properly. But not this one.

On iNaturalist [ ].

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Butterflies #Lepidoptera

Hello Fediverse,

Can anyone recommend a reputable static site host that respects users privacy.

Cheers! #hosting #static

It's a bit chilly today and my cat just asked me to tuck him in under a blanket. *swoon*

my parents came upon a stag up in the wicklow mountains this morning! so beautiful

<<RT @GwentIfanc: Noson Cwrw a Chlonc Gwent Ifanc dydd Gwener yma, cyfle i gymdeithasu gyda chriw cyfeillgar ifanc.

Gwent Ifanc's Virtual Beer and Chat event will be happening this Friday. Chance to speak/practice your Welsh with a crew of friendly young people.

@MICasnewydd @coleggwentiaith>>


The official site of Haruki Nakamura:

Haruki Nakamura wrote a book translated in english, "Mind-Blowing Paper Puzzles Kit: Build Interlocking 3D Animal and Geometric Models" ISBN 13: 978-4805315095

Today's figures are, in respect of both cases and deaths, good news when compared to the averages - they are both below the 7-day average.
Deaths: 4
7-day average: 6.14

Cases: 487
7-day average: 595

A word of caution: Monday's death figures tend to be lower, because of slow weekend reporting. That doesn't seem to have been a factor in the past with cases though. And at least for now, in Cymru, for the last few days the 7-day average for cases has levelled off.


Gair y Dydd: hyd y fyl – pwy sy'n gyfarwydd â'r ymadrodd hwn?

Word of the Day: hyd y fyl 'to the brim': – is anyone familiar with this South Walian expression?

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