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Toying with the idea of doing shorts for the . A little less rambly than my usual content.

Personal carbon footprint, but calculated off the profit you make from the services and items you sell rather than what you consume

"The  death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September was a salient reminder that ‘our’ propaganda system is a vital cog in the British social machine that upholds elite privilege and domination over the majority of the population."

"This 60-acre eco-farm in Kentucky, is among the largest climate-controlled indoor farms in the U.S. It's chemical free, non-gmo and grown with 100% rainwater."

Hi everyone. I am excited to join this network. I am completely new to Mastodon so anything that can help me get started would be much appreciated!

#introduction #cooperative #tech #product

#introduction I'm a composer based in Minnesota.

What do I do?? What have I done??

Time for an updated (re) #introduction given I’ve moved 4,700 miles :-)

I'm Dave, a #computing and #music nerd from #Cornwall, recently returned after 11 years living in the #Dallas suburbs. Ex #academic #researcher, now a #developer.

I'm most likely to post about dance music on #vinyl, some #gardening, #cycling, and #computing stuff.

Very lucky to be married to @pollywaffle !


I'm Isaac, or Neptune, call me either. They/them or zie/hir, disabled, Australian.

I'm good with computers in the same way that adding vegetables and egg to instant noodles makes you good at cooking. I'm investigating the fediverse with the end goal of hosting a small instance for myself and friends, and so far I like what I've found.

I'm proud to be a webmaster ( ), but I update my site rather less than I'd like. I like The Muppets, The X-Files, The Magnus Archives and mathematics.

Hello #introduction I’m Ranah, a designer at a consultancy (she/her/hers). I grew up in Singapore for 2 decades and consider oz and sg home.

It’s nice to see a feed that isn’t, as Lanier puts it, such a BUMMER (behaviour of users modified and made into an empire for rent) 🐈‍⬛ The idea of data being used to manipulate behaviour for profit does unease me.

Here’s my little internet corner: 🦑 I love food, music and my cat Mango ❤️

Those old LFT tests might be valid until 2024, but the bastard little water thingies evaporate even though they are sealed. ?

The new website delivered by @oakstudios is live (has been for a little while, actually, but I've been working on it still). I think it's the best it's ever been. Check out the branding and about pages too!

@sparrowsion I don't really understand the concept of "feeling unseen" but maybe it's different for cis people, IDK.

I do wish Welsh had a gender-neutral way to say "I'm Welsh".

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