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looking at the forecast 🌤️ from the met office and it doesn't correspond to what I'm looking at through my window ☁️

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I am looking forward to watching this BBC film.


Anthony Walker was murdered by two white men in an unprovoked racist attack in a Liverpool park in 2005

Cardiff-born actress Rakie Ayola wins Bafta for role in BBC One's Anthony

Rakie Ayola paid a moving tribute to murdered black teenager Anthony Walker

after my query yesterday about private medical data being sold on the open market, this landed in my inbox today, not sure what the Welsh NHS has in place to protect us but it looks like a free for all over the border?

Does anybody know if this NHS data opt out is UK wide or is it an England only issue?

fair play, it is an achievement, but why, just why? There must be a lot more useful things she could use her knitting skills for.

Whats up peeps, haven't been around for a while, followed too many rabbit holes on twitter😀 , is there anyone on here into archaeology or metal detecting?

Hi everyone just taking my first steps on this platform, 👍

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