Help wanted from Welsh speakers!

I'm not a Welsh speaker, although I can follow it somewhat, especially if its about rugby where I know the vocab.

I've been working on the Host in Wales website. A native Welsh speaker has translated some content. But some phrases are esoteric technical terms.

So how do we translate the tags:

- Hosted in Wales
- Coded in Wales.

For the domain name "' we came up with ''

Opinions gratefully received.

I must also give my thanks to the CEO of who also took the time to let me pick his brains.

Host in Ireland is industry funded - and well funded because they have lots of business.

Host in Scotland is part of Scottish Futures and is funded by the Scottish government. They have spent quite a bit of money on researching what they need to do - there are some interesting reports on their website. including consultancy from Gartner and Deloitte

As any Welsh rugby fan knows, there's nothing worse than a cocky irishman after they's won a match.

hostinireland is a very "cocky" site. The Irish IT sector is very vibrant and brings in billions to their economy.

They guy who set up agreed to talk to me about setting up hostinwales. He said he could spare me half an hour. He then spend two hours talking at a million words per minute. All brilliant stuff! - this is where we need to be!

Thanks for all the encouraging posts on host in Wales. Very please with the feedback from just - living in fear of what I will have to respond to when I start posting on twitter and FB.

I suppose this means I need to get the updated hostinwales website uploaded.

So that's this weekend knackered!

I'm pleased with the response I've had to a few 'toots' on this Mastodon instance. I'm all in favour of the concept of a decentralised platform. Also Mastodon is coded in Ruby on Rails which I like - the website uses that as well.

However, to get H.I.W. going, I'm going to have to start posting this on Twitter (yuk) and Facebook (yuuuuuk) as well.

So thumbs up to the Jazz et als who set up

My only complaint is - you seem to have hosted it in France!

Possible next steps for Host in Wales:
There are a number of data centres in Wales - this for example is a nice one:

The infrastructure (power, connectivity) for this is excellent, so much so that Microsoft seems to have bought the old radiator factory next door to build a new DC.

What is harder to get in Wales is the basic small business website+email kind of hosting. This is something I need to investigate in detail.

Thx to all the people who boosted my posts on Host in Wales. This is where I am right now:

I did a lot of work on this talking to people in Welsh govt, telcos, and the CEOs of host in Ireland and Host in Scotland. I wrote a document on my findings. The existing website is very basic; a new version will be going up in a few days. I'll post my findings there.

So watch this space - I'll be looking for help and advice and for people to tell me when I'm talking tosh.

Hello Im Martyn. I’m starting up hostinwales, following the models of hostinscotland (funded by the Scottish government) and (industry funded). Have had some conversations with the Welsh government and a lot of data and comms providers about this but I need to get some momentum going.

I’d love to hear about web and software developments going on in Wales!

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