Another elevation map! I have been using the Stewart Semple paints on card. This one is the Aston Expressway/Lichfield Road area in north Brum

Hand painted elevation map of Hereford UK 🗺️ 🖌️

Hello people. I have a question. Has anyone heard of a process called "discreet information sharing" before? According to a document I read yesterday it seems this is when people pass very sensitive medical info along to other people and is described as "holistic" and "not careless use of data".

I have been having a good play around with today! Some fascinating stuff on there - you can set the contours to whatever measurement you want and even download the maps as .png files if you don't use mapping or vector based software

Struggling with lockdown fatigue today, but I know it's really important not to give into it and that it's not forever. One day I'll be back roaming around making art about all the different places I visit 🚋 🚎

This is a height and road map of Hinckley in Leicestershire 🗺️

It's Monday! I am an artist by trade and this month I have been trying to organise my archive of old work.

I found this old project from when I was a student, when I designed a vinyl cover for my favourite album, xx by the xx.

The imagery on the cover is from Fermanagh, although most of the work took place in Birmingham, including a trip to a record fair in Digbeth to gather inspiration. I had pages and pages of moodboard including lots of beatles and stills from film and TV.

Today (24.01.21) I went out for a walk to look at the thawing snow around Hereford. Some of the remaining flood water has frozen over!

from the floods in Hereford yesterday (22.01.21) after the Wye peaked the evening before 🏞

My first time tooting from my phone! Hope this works🤞

Rusty is a bit easier to get photos of than Poppy, here is a photo I took in lockdown 1

Hello everyone! I am new here and finding it confusing but I am sure I will get the hang of it! Here are some photos of Hereford

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