sick of people asking if I have an "epilepsy nurse" its like the english middle age equivalent of those people on reddit who constantly advise everyone to drop out of uni and go to trade school. just a weird meme people fall back on because they want to help but they have no experience of what they're talking about

Watching Ghost Town Living (a bloke whose bought an entire abandoned mining town and makes videos about it on Youtube). Fascinating and a bit terrifying.

But the 12 minute mark in this abandoned mine video is the one that's had me screaming NO NO NOnononono at my screen the most

CW: strobe light

thinking about how the 60s build estate I grew up in under the BHX flightpath in a very densely populated part of brum feels infintely more haunted than the very historical tiny city in the middle of nowhere i currently live in

ive been watching limmy's show and now my internal monologue is a male glaswegian accent

got close to this cat and it was definitely a cryptid

sounds a bit counterintuitive but if anyone's struggling with sleep and has blackout curtains, try switching them for a thinner set that lets a bit of light through

this is one of those things that really ought to go into a longer form blog post or something but yikes it's like, this isn't me being all "someone I had a summer job with years ago said something irritating about brexit" this is preying on people's weirdly specific angers and obsessions, amplifying them in the name of engagement, and it spills over into real life

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strongly dislike facebook and co's sly un-muting / un-restricting and so on of accounts. a couple of times now it's been slightly too obvious when a post has slipped through as bait for either me or the other person

spot the difference: the first page of my disability benefits application vs the list of AZ vaccine side effects that require urgent medical advice

my creative process:
-go to the corner shop at 8:30pm
-buy a half moon marble cake
-return home
-start eating about half the cake
-start having an anxiety attack
-finish eating
-paint for 5 minutes
-go to bed
-at 3am google "why can't I sleep, insomnia symptoms, insomnia cures, quick insomnia cures"
-at 3:25am start eating the rest of the half moon marble cake

this stage of the pandemic is like when the film feels like it's ending but there's 40 minutes left

things that have way too much impact on my mood:
•the weather
•what colour wash I've put on because if it's black it's all socks and underwear which looks really untidy when I hang it around the house to dry

I'm so close to Wales I could reach out and touch it if my arm was like 9 miles long

me, knowing that via a quirk in my personality literally any email I read will derail my day, also knowing there is no way I will recieve an email that has to be acted on in under 24 hours: obsessively checks email

Is it still okay to sign off an email with "stay safe"? (UK)

Anyone else turning into a low-key prepper? Covid got me paranoid af.

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