I'm graduating tomorrow! I'm having to pick my tickets up from the venue on the day because, I shit you not, the art school I'm graduating from couldn't be bothered putting them in the post or otherwise finding a way to get them delivered to an address a 5 minute drive from campus

people are still reading way too deep into my 2020 facebook surname change despite the fact I deactivated my account a good 9 months ago. feeling like an ex big brother contestant being analysed into oblivion by some magazine in a doctors waiting room

jfc the etsy android app is determined to speak to facebook

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I cannot explain through image or words how overwhelming bright this sign in Hereford Buttermarket is

1. Do you want to recreate the feeling of that day at primary school when they asked you to wash your hands and make a sandwich and afterwards they showed you your hands and the sandwich under a UV light?

2. Do you have an android phone?

If you answered yes to both these questions, great news! The app you are looking for is called Tracker Control

christ I had to delete and redraft that three times

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who do I have to speak to to get this weather turned off????


The Coroavirus Lockdown
2 Coronavirus 2 Lockdown
The Coronavirus Lockdown: Tokyo Drift


I love the way we've started structuring our understanding of the passing of time around lockdowns in the same way you would seasons or school terms. "Well we first spoke about that in lockdown one but we were well out the other side of lockdown three when we got back to it"

Any free versions of Adobe Indesign floating around out there?
I have to produce a lot of slightly different art porfolios on a regular basis.

The main functionality I'm looking for is being able to insert images but without the full image file being copied into the indesign file.

proposal: we do away with the points based psychopathy test and simply ask people to park a car in a victorian terrace neighbourhood

meta / pixelfed 

Anyway I'm still really looking forward to seeing how pixelfed develops. I suspect a lot of these issues could iron themselves out over time once there's a larger userbase and it becomes less neccessary for bad-fit instances to federate with each other

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meta / pixelfed 

Also, one of the reasons instagram got so popular is that the twitter/facebook-style toxicity did not exist on there. Because the platform was strictly photo-centric, there were costs associated with joining/posting that twitter didn't have. This is evidenced by how instagram completely went to shit when they started adding loads of extra features. Way too many of the comments I got on pixelfed had the hyper-negative crtique style of low effort text based social media

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meta / pixelfed 

I really liked pixelfed when I was using it (had a personal account and one for my art business) but I really struggled with context collapse on there.

On my art pixelfed I'd post a photo, then as the caption say something like "prints available" post my website etc etc. Which looks fine on pixelfed. But to the mastodon instances that federate with it, the text is the most prominent with the picture 'attached' to it so it comes across like spam


I actually have no idea what any of the content in this video is because I was completely absorbed by the pretty animations

love the way bins in bristol also double as food bowls for seagulls

saw an interesting comment on HN about how services nowadays are nearly always superficial, ie they do the simple stuff you basically could have done yourself, but they will not / don't want to do the more complex and involved stuff which is kind of what you need them for in the first place

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