@konni it's ok I think I only got one? I'm howling at the thought of kids being taught latin at school. That will be useful... when time travel is invented

would love to know if language lessons at UK secondary schools are still the absolute fucking shitshow they were a decade ago. You'd sit through 2 hours of German a week for four years and at the end of it be lucky if you could string a paragraph together

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@ghostreader that's a very complicated topic! I think it's the kind of thing that's a symptom of other issues. I also don't necessarily think big groups of random people living together in a relatively transient way is a bad thing, but obviously it's the kind of thing that needs proper support and not just to be treated as a dumping ground for vulnerable people

3 years learning french at school and all I know how to say is je m'appelle tres baguette

@AngharadHafod this stuff just keeps expanding. I seem to have bags of it I'm trying to use up and then after that it's back to normal rice 😂

Uk refugee hosting 

@celesteh it's not even like this is new information, there's plenty of teenagers who get assessed as not being appropriate for foster care for this exact reason

this toot is about Birmingham (UK) and not a shitpost about the 1991-2002 TV series

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@wyliecoyoteuk I remember when I was at Bournville College and there seemed to be some sort of rules arms race where students were sending odd materials through printers and the college had to subsequently ban everyone sending that sort of thing through, so students would try something else instead, and so on

Brum be like:
>clear slums
>build houses for individual family units where the slums were
>wait half a century or so
>turn rows of family houses back into slums

can't believe I'm having a problem trying to shove 310gsm through what is essentially an office printer

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literally every time I come back to this poll the ratio is the same

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uh oh, this doesn't look good

"Hundreds of patient data breaches are left unpunished

Pharmaceutical companies, NHS commissioners, and universities have repeatedly breached agreements around sharing patient data, audits show."


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