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my silicon valley disrupting idea is an app for stray cats to help them find student houses

would you describe yourself as waterproof

your autocorrect has been slightly worse than usual recently ?

Beware! Mansplaining seems to be getting rebranded as "I was just trying to talk it through so I can understand". Don't let issues about behaviour shift into arguments about intent

cheers everyone who replied to this (and the other toot). Have found a charger for my iPod shuffle, am following the various links and tips I've been sent and my New Years resolution is not to listen to music on YouTube anymore

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winds me up to no end that when I bought this phone it had a music app on that had no ads and needed no connection to the internet and I can't even have that any more. it's a basic function of a smartphone in my opinion. what was the first iphone but a mobile phone that was optimised for playing music??

it's 2021 and my phone can't play music without mobile data, my laptop needs me to plug in an external cd player if I want to play a dvd...

I don't share my name with a lot of fictional characters but it's okay because Nuala in Frank Kelly's Christmas Countdown is more than capable of carrying the responsibility on her own

does the general population know what epilepsy basically is? ie it's the seizure thing? just wondering because I'm working on a poster and i tend to take it for granted people have a rough idea

very much in Have A Rest Before My Body Schedules It For Me territory

there's a massive spectrum between remote work and every employee going into one massive office building btw. used to be companies had offices dotted around in different places and not just expect every employee to uproot their lives and move to dublin or whatever. make them put that shit back how it was

nice to go back to brum and experience a bit of culture and amazing architecture. is it worth the constant feeling of exhausted displacement though? nah

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thinking about how the point of bigger cities is that everythings closer together and easier to get to and yet in every big city ive lived in things are further away and more awkward to get to

brits be like, *taps roof of house* we can fit so much mold in this bad boy

are you a racoon

let me open my pdf in microsoft paint you cowards

i am doing no november. ie not doing november. call me in a month

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