It has been a busy few months, but a productive period. Now looking forward to . Are any other people going this year?

A hectic week at work. Lots going on, all (hopefully) leading towards positive outcomes. Even so it’s nice to take a step back sometimes, and breathe.

Luckily this tranquil spot is five minutes walk from the office.

Lovely after-work bike ride, along the Montgomery Canal near our office in . You can see Beacon Ring - an Iron Age - in the distance.

I should really be finishing the book about our excavations there but sometimes it’s good to have a break!

This stone is a small fragment of surviving in the walled port town of .

Almost hidden in the side wall, this medieval feature was retained when this town house was rebuilt in the 1700s.

Visited the Teos archaeological site yesterday. It's minimally developed, but quite fun to explore. It's also covered in wildflowers right now and full of impressive old olive trees.

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Dear #Archaeology and #digitalarchaeology people! I am happy to announce also here, that the University of Cologne will organise the Joint Chapter Meeting of the CAA in Germany, Netherlands and Flanders.

🗓️ 5-7 October 2022

📫 Deadline for submissions is 1 July 2022

Please share this over all instances! Mastodon go!

Monnow Bridge, . Part of the town defences, this is the only surviving gated in Britain. Built in the 1270s to replace a twelfth-century timber bridge, with the gatehouse added in c.1300.

#Archaeology hashtag time: Today is #FindsFriday!

This is a penny of King Æthelberht II of East Anglia (r. AD 779-794), This coin dates from the time when there were multiple kingdoms in England (and indeed Wales). There was frequent competition between them, even warfare. At this time, Offa of Mercia was overlord of much of England south of the River Humber, so an underking issuing coins styling himself 'Rex' (King) was an unforgivable show of insubordination, so Offa ordered him killed.

Ok setting up here. Seems like a nice new place to settle. Any #archaeology nerds out there? #digitalarchaeology perhaps? Well, we'll meet :ablobcatattention:

A bit more by way of .

My career has taken me along some interesting paths - focussing and archaeology. Interested in archaeological and . Currently CEO of an archaeological charity in .

I also volunteer as of a leading independent in the English midlands, and as a Trustee of an in Wales.


I am an archaeologist who is interested in using the past in the present to create social and environmental benefits for the future.

Curious to explore a different approach to social media.

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