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Dw i newydd gael fy nghyhoeddi gan yr Eglwys yng Nghymru: fel curad newydd yn Llanymddyfri, gyda 3 eglwys, Llandingat, Llanfair ar y bryn a Mihangel Sant, Myddfai. Mae pawb yn hapus iawn!

Over the following century, when most of the churches in the Celtic-speaking lands came to accept the Roman Easter, Wales was the only territory still refusing to conform. The English historian Bede claimed in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People in 731 that the Welsh "upheld their own bad customs against the true Easter of the Catholic Church."

Easter Sunday

The controversy surrounding the date of Easter;

Easter does not fall on a fixed date, but on the first Sunday after the full moon following the March equinox. However, the Celtic Church of the Early Middle Ages in Wales had developed its own method of the dating of Easter, and refused to conform to Archbishop Augustine's demand in 597 that the papal method be used.

Annwyl Ffrindiau

Wedi clywed ar y radio bore ma bod cais i ni heno am 7o’r gloch i gynnu cannwyll a’i rhoi yn y ffenest
a dweud rhyw weddi fach"

On the radio this morning asking everyone to light a candle at 7 tonight and place it on your window and say a little prayer for everyone.

...Gogoneddus Arglwydd, Henffych Well! Moliannodd Abraham, y cyntaf o’r ffyddloniaid, di; Molianned y bywyd tragwyddol di; Molianned adar a phryfed di; Molianned gwelltglas a sofl di; Moliannodd Aaron a Moses di.

Gogoneddus Arglwydd, Henffych Well! Molianned gwryw a benyw di; Molianned planedau a sêr di; Molianned pysgod y dyfroedd di; Molianned popeth da a greaist di. Molwn ninnau di, ogoneddus Arglwydd.

Gogoneddus Arglwydd, Henffych Well!

Gogoneddus Arglwydd (llyfr du caerfyrddin, y drydedd ganrif ar ddeg, addasiad)

Gogoneddus Arglwydd, Henffych Well! Molianned eglwys a changell di; Molianned cangell ac eglwys di; Molianned mynydd a dyffryn di; Molianned coedlan a pherllan di. ...

[pt4] ...In education it protests against indoctrination, the misuse of the classroom to bend the malleable minds of the young into predeterminate shapes, and calls instead for an educational process which stimulates children and young people to develop their own personal potential.
When rebellion is expressed in such terms...Christians should be in the vanguard of those who promote it."
- John Stott.

[pt3] In industry it protests against the class confrontation between management and unions, and calls for a greater measure of responsible participation for the workers. - John Stott.

[pt2] In politics it protects against every authoritarian regime, whether of the left or of the right, which discriminates against minorities, denies people their civil rights, forbids the free expression of opinions or imprisons people for their opinion alone. In economics it protests against the exploitation of the poor and against the new social servitude, slavery to the consumer market and to the machine. - John Stott

[pt1] "...rebellion [if] it is responsible, mature...arises from the Christian doctrine of mankind made in the image of God, and therefore protests against all forms of dehumanisation. It sets itself against social injustices which insult God the Creator, seeks to protect human beings from oppression, and longs to liberate them into the enjoyment of their God-intended freedom. - John Stott # evangelical

Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

Yr wythnos byddwn yn clywed hanes un o ffigyrau amlyga'r diwygiad Crefyddol, Evan Roberts a chawn ymuno yn ymarferion y sioe 'Calon Lân'. Cawn hefyd glywed gan un sydd yn ymfalchïo yn ein traddodiad emynyddol a'r diwylliant cerddorol, Cath Woolridge.

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"Wales was the only nation Europe in the 10th and 11th centuries which had a national literature, apart from an imperial one in Latin. The people of Wales were the most civilised and intelligent of the age" - Jacques Chevalier (from G Evans, Land of My Fathers)

"From an intellectual point of view it is the laws which gave the Welsh the greatest claim to fame...from this point of view the Welsh outdistance all other people in the Middle Wales justice and right blossomed, founded on the laws of Hywel Dda, into a perfection of beauty unlike anything found among other people in the Middle Ages " - Joseph Loth, quoted by Gwynfor Evans in Land of My Fathers. Y Lolfa Cyf., 1992

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