"they believe that pollution is increasing because cars have to drive in a lower gear and wait longer at traffic lights"

As though the studies didn't take those things into consideration.

"there have also been more accidents"

How? Caused by people illegally overtaking the few of us sticking to the speed limit?

"The trial has certainly caused a lot of problems for people living in Buckley"

No it hasn't. Journeys taking 2 minutes longer is not 'a lot of problems'.


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I hope this goes through, but I think I'm the only person in Bwcle (where it has been trialled) that thinks so.

Everybody seems to be complaining about the new 20mph limit, and nobody else adheres to it; often they're not even driving below the old 30mph limits...

"Campaigners urge Senedd to back legislation reducing speed limits in Wales"

Had a wonderful early morning run today; a mixture of road and trail.

Saw a jay, a kestrel, a buzzard flew from a tree just 3 metres in front of me, then perched again as I ran past and wished her a 'bore da', and only one human (a rather nasty one, literally screaming at her dog for not behaving completely obediently).

And I thought of the Byron line (paraphrased) "I love not humans the less, but Nature more."

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C'mon Cymru!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Ugh, I'm going to spend the next few days worrying that none of that makes sense.

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Dwi wedi gorffen y cwrs Say Something in Welsh, a dwi ddim yn siwr beth i'w wneud nesaf. Cwrs arall? Jyst ymarfer?

Ar hyn o bryd, dwi'n trio gwrando ar Radio Cymru / podlediadau, gwylio S4C, darllen gymaint a phosib.

Oes unrhywun wedi gorffen SSiW? Beth wnaethoch chi nesaf?

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Philip Royle pleaded guilty at Cardiff Magistrates Court after evidence linked him to waste left at Wrinstone Lane in Wenvoe last year nation.cymru/news/cardiff-buil

Dwi'n mynd i wersylla yn Y Bala penwythnos 'ma... felly dyma'r glaw. Dwi'n edrych ymlaen beth bynnag.

Usually I run with a Stryd footpod, with my watch telling me when my power level is too high or too low. Today I switched off alerts and tried to run by feel, mindfully; paying attention to my breath, my body, my senses and my surroundings. It was a nice change, and something I will try to do more of.

Diddorol / interesting.

'Nobody wants to live in a theme park': Will Wales finally get a new National Park?

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If you're tag yourself,

Let's get the @twt Indy party started...


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