IMJ “If the only way socialism can be brough to Wales is to devolve further powers over tax and benefits, will his loyalty to Britain as a whole – a British nationalism – trump his desire to bring socialism to Wales?”

So glad to help out with the amazing @FflurElin in @PlaidPontypridd ! Balch i helpu yr anhygoel Fflur Elin ym Mhontypridd.

Ask the Leader - Tonight 7pm before the football - heno 7o Bloch cyn y bel droed

Helpu mas gyda ymgeisydd arbennig @OgwrPlaidOgmore sef, @LFletcher2510

In the 1st of a 2-pt podcast special Gideon & Richard delve into the history of Cymraeg, the roots of the language & how key events in history have impacted its usage—from Roman Occupation, English Reformation & Industrial Revolution to the 20th century

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