i logged to find that my account had been disabled for spamming i am not spamming i did have other items to post it comes to something when you try to make a little extra to help out your family and people dont like i dont know who complained but i would like to know why

Llama Unisex Plush Slippers

Llama Unisex One Size Pair of Plush Slippers

Novelty slippers

Unisex one size fits all

Rough size guide of 41/42 but will fit smaller and bigger sizes

Game Controller Unisex Plush Slippers

Novelty slippers


Rough size guide of 41/42 but will fit smaller and bigger sizes

Fun Collectable Door Stop

Flamingo Design

Add colour design and practicality to your home

The outer is made from 100% polyester making them strong and durable

The inner made from 50/50 sand and polyester wadding so they are weighted but not too heavy to move around



Fun Air Freshener

Add colour fragrance and design to your home office or vehicle

Made from card and fragranced with a range of scents from coconut and berry to sea breeze and cherry

Ideal gift for all ages


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