Now I am off bigger social media sites I find myself subscribing to rss feeds from people’s blogs. Its like going back in time but also feels like progress.

I am looking for any rss feeds that may be of my interest if you can suggest some. Topics include but not limited to:

Design (hardware, software, ui)
Game design
Gardening/ nature
Making things
Reliable news

IndieWeb and WordPress posts in my timeline, I am so happy right now 😁 😍 :pixelfed: #pixelfed

Asking for commune advice 

@Some_Person life in one before trying to build your own. you'll know then what you want and don't want. also: lawyer up when buying property collectively.

Asking for commune advice 

@Some_Person this site is British, but I suspect a lot of the AU laws are likely to be the same. My friends from the Ipswich [1] housing co-op are on there (Random Camel Housing Co-Op)

[1] Ipswch in England, not the one in Australia 😉

really cool this "solar lowtechmagazine" webpage.
It runs on renewable energy and shows how much electrical capacity is left until it shuts down. By that the users are encouraged to use the webpage at times a lot energy is available, and less if not so much is available.

We don't need everything always accessible, we need a more kindness behaviour towards our environment.

we need #climatejustice.
we need #solarpunk

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This is a good site for the scientific data and analysis:

In terms of the implications, this page gives a good summary:

"Why Growth Can’t Be Green"

New data proves you can support capitalism or the environment—but it’s hard to do both.

@Joe I've set up a charitable non-profit that "owns" Tŵt, and we are self-funded for at least two years. In other words, that part's taken care of for now. If we get bigger, we may need to accept donations or grants, but it's not an issue for now.

Wrth ailgylchu, gallwn ni cadw ein gwastraff allan o dirlenwi, sy'n creu nwyon niweidiol sy’n llygru’r aer o’n cwmpas ac yn gwastraffu adnoddau naturiol.
Ewch i am awgrymiadau ailgylchu.

Define your own
"Central servers are centrally controlled & administered by data-centric corporations and/or governments.
The current economic model, actively encourages this."
If you want change. Be It.

Welsh Government Scraps £1.4bn M4 Motorway Extension =

cited by Welsh Government as key reason to scrap the M4 motorway "relief road" across the environmentally-sensitive Levels.

In a victory for campaigners, the First Minister of Wales has cancelled the land acquisition necessary to develop the M4 extension around Newport

We look forward to supporting Welsh Government in considering how best to improve transport infrastructure in and around Newport 🚲🛵🚌🚂

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