Afternoon tea prep for Mother’s Day tomorrow .. lemon drizzle now in! Then onto butterfly cakes! 💖
Cymru 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 48
Yr Eidal 🇮🇹 7
I feel sorry for Italy but Llongyfarchiadau Bois!

Today's headlines:
Cases trend down again, but I have some concern. The post-weekend rebound in deaths happened today, so deaths are up a little.

There were 195 cases recorded today. That's quite good; Thursdays are usually one of the higher days. However, my explanation for yesterday's high figure (more coming through from 2 days ago than usual), whilst true, was because there were actually more cases from Tuesday than the previous Tuesday (245, cf 244)

Gair y Dydd: modryb Dyma fap o ogledd Cymru, sydd â'r teitl Dame Venedotia neu Modryb Gwen, sy'n ysgythriad gan yr artist Hugh Hughes, a fu farw ar y diwrnod hwn yn 1863.

Word of the Day: modryb 'an aunt': Here's a map of north Wales, entitled Dame Venedotia or Modryb Gwen, an engraving by the artist Hugh Hughes, who died on this day in 1863. 'modryb' is from the same root as English 'mother', Latin 'mater', &c.

Today's headlines:
Cases slightly down, deaths flat, positivity down, R closer to 1 than I am happy about.

There were 166 new cases reported today. It's great to see numbers down below 200, but this isn't quite as good as it looks; last Tuesday was 170. We can't afford to get complacent here. And although it's just 1 day, it serves as a timely warning.
7-day average: 197 - DOWN 1


Advice please 🤔

I signed up for Tutanota free encrypted e-mail to try, but have not found it very user friendly. (Which is
most probably me, so please don't judge Tutanota by my comments! Try it yourself)

Does anyone use Protonmail or fastmail? or perhaps another encrypted e-mail, that's easy for someone like myself who struggles with most things new! 🙄
I would like something that easily transfers my google mail and yahoo mail to the new encrypted mailbox too.
Any advice, gratefully received

Gair y Dydd: aredig – paratoi'r tir ar gyfer y cnwd nesaf.

Word of the Day: aredig 'to plough': – this word is connected with '(tir) âr' 'ploughed or arable land' and 'aradr' 'a plough'.

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Llandudno Goats are the new feature at Craig Y Don roundabout 🐐

Spending the morning by the Pixie Bridge. It's another glorious spring morning.

Pob lwc i ffrind o Cymry Efrog Newydd heno yn y globau euraidd
( 🎬🏆

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Maen y Gaseg 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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So, it’s the eve of my sons 100th cap, what a journey, how proud am I. Time to show them how it’s done son, for the 100th time, pob luv and give them hell. Papa

Haia pawb, anghofiais i yn llwyr am fy nghyfrif tŵt..
Lle i ddysgwyr sgwrsiau gyda'n gilydd ydy Awr Y Dysgwyr!
Cysylltwch os diddordeb gyda chi!
(Ar gael ar cyfryngau cymdeithasol arall gyda'r un enw hefyd.)

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Wel....ishe bwyd ôdd arno...felly ar ôl llanw’i fola a bach o fwyd y ci ath off yn hapus a nôl i’w wely gaeaf - was food he wanted poor little,after a belly full of dog he went back to his winter bed. Courtesy

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Storm Llanfaglan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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