I know it's more difficult for my servants to go out and get me cat food these days. But that's ok, I'll bring in my own instead.

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Yn ein podlediad diweddaraf mae @ChrisRobaij@twitter.com a @GethinGriffiths@twitter.com
yn edrych yn ôl ar @SwnFestival@twitter.com ac yn dal fyny efo @Hyllband@twitter.com @YnysMusic@twitter.com @eadythofficial@twitter.com @casi@twitter.com ac @elanevans@twitter.com 🎶

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I am challenging everyone to post a photo you've taken from a place you've been. The only thing is that you NOT appear in it. Just a pic, no description. Let's flood profiles with landscapes to ease this isolation. Copy this, post a photo & let's travel virtually around the world

We're still tracking ahead of Italy (+14 days) on daily number of deaths (first derivative) AND daily increase in deaths (second derivative). And even the third derivative (increase in increase in deaths) is still in dodgy territory. That, to a statistician, is very worrying.

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Thanks to all our readers and contributors on what has been our busiest ever month for visitors. Please join us and continue to contribute as we discuss together how Wales handles the difficult next few months and rebuilds from here.

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The results from the @NewYorkWelsh@twitter.com ‘Quiz-at-a-distance’ have been confirmed.

Congratulations to Wedi Anghofio, Yma o Hyd and Cymru am Chwarantin!

Thanks @JohnAlexLyle@twitter.com @gwilymrh@twitter.com @chloe_teresa@twitter.com and the 35 teams who took the time and effort - it was a lot of fun.

Gair y Dydd: datgysylltu geiriadur.ac.uk/gpc/gpc.html?d -- 100 mlynedd i heddiw y datgysylltwyd Eglwys Loegr yng Nghymru gan greu'r Eglwys yng Nghymru.

Word of the Day: datgysylltu 'to disconnect; disestablish (Church)': geiriadur.ac.uk/gpc/gpc.html?d -- 100 years ago today the Church of England was disestablished in Wales, becoming the Church in Wales.

Gair y Dydd: trydar geiriadur.ac.uk/gpc/gpc.html?t – yr adar yn trydar ar hyn o bryd ond pwy fyddai wedi meddwl bod cymaint o ystyron i'r gair?

Word of the Day: trydar 'to tweet': geiriadur.ac.uk/gpc/gpc.html?t – birds tweet, of course, but who would think there were so many other meanings to this verb?

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