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Universities in Crisis examines the changes now challenging students, teachers, researchers and all those connected to higher education.

Producer: Jonathan Brunert

Reading into the Cuban organopónicos movement, which first sprouted up during the 90s, and it's incredibly interesting stuff

so, got to thinking!
the current issue & what we perceive to be a further push to capitalise on for economic gain is an incorrect strategy moving forward.

Let us make sure, history does not repeat.


I’m noticing something emerge in the fediverse that probably shouldn’t be a surprise but caught my cynical ass off-guard: citizenship.

People proud of the community their instance provides, contributing not only financially, but building shared resources for their fellow netizens, and emotional support, counseling or even just cheerleading.

I genuinely believe that this is the way forward. Small, autonomous but communicating communities building shared resources because it feels good.

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