🟠 En vue des difficultés techniques que rencontre Signal actuellement ( suite a l'afflux de dizaines de millions d'utilisateurs) si ces difficultés venaient a persister :

Silence est un fork de Signal qui ne nécessite pas de connections internet donc pas de serveurs . .

N'oubliez pas d'échanger vos clefs avec vos contacts. .


Silence (Chiffrer ses SMS n’a jamais été aussi simple !) - f-droid.org/packages/org.smsse
#signal #silence #signaldown

Last for today, but not least: The #ActivityPub logo. Again wrong colors, as I didn't have the right ones available.

#Fediverse #embroidery #Sticken #Stickerei

I'm considering muting the words Signal and Telegram. It just makes me sad to see all the people go from one centralized non-free place to another centralized non-free place, while they're thinking it's a good thing.

Trying to explain and educate them about ethical options, feels as fruitless as emptying the ocean with a spoon.

European armies look for digital sovereignty in new messaging tech | Sifted

For Europe’s militaries, using commercial messenger services for communication presents serious problems - they’re turning to instead.



Inside the French government's mission to develop an encrypted messaging platform - NS Tech

"As part of a drive for more efficient and effective collaboration, the Interdepartmental Digital Directorate (DINUM) set out in late 2017 to develop a secure messaging service for members..."



Beyond Platforms: Private Censorship, Parler, and the Stack by @jilliancyork@twitter.com @mala@twitter.com @cmcsherr@twitter.com eff.org/deeplinks/2021/01/beyo

🎉 Welcome to newcomers! 🎉

A few personal tips:

👌 the Fediverse is NOT twitt*r! enjoy a more relaxed, courteous, benevolent way of interacting! you are part of it!

🤚 introduce yourself! also fill bio and post a couple "toots" before following people to have more chance they'll follow back..

👍 favourite and follow generously! This is how to create link around. No algorithm-god is spying on you, telling you who to follow, what to read! \o/

⚠️ many people care about CW... learn about that


Want to know more about what is going on with social.coop?

Did you know that the Community Working Group Ops team and the Tech Working Group Ops team post their regular meeting minutes on loomio?

Check them out here:
CWG Ops team: loomio.org/d/yh0aFRbU/communit

Tech team: loomio.org/d/UwAeiBgE/tech-mee

I'm thinking we should start a hashtag for calming photos of moss.

How does #Mosstodon sound to you all? 😁 Come join us! 🌱

Here's another photo, for luck! 🍀

#Moss #Photography

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machine and presses it down hard. Success. We are through!

It's taken us so long that when we get to baggage reclaim all the suitcases have been removed from the belt and stood on the floor to make way for the next lot.

Oh and no one ever asked to see my passenger locator form QR code to prove I'd filled it in.

Welcome to . - 5/5

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Nant Ffrancon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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'The Melting Snow On The Summit', Snowdon From Bangor from Marilyn - courtesy @madmaz2112 from always at

for college and high school students will can also be found on this site. "Living Soil" was directed by Chelsea Myers and Tiny Attic Productions based in Columbia, Missouri, and produced by the Soil Health Institute through the generous support of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation.  

The film is freely available to download and stream at www.livingsoilfilm.com.


toot.wales/media/HurirjPaIG5OQ - 3/3

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that makes soil productive. The societal and environmental costs of soil loss and degradation in the United States alone are now estimated to be as high as $85 billion every single year. Like any relationship, our living soil needs our tenderness. It’s time we changed everything we thought we knew about soil. Let’s make this the century of living soil.

This 60-minute documentary features innovative farmers and soil health experts from throughout the U.S. Accompanying lesson plans - 2/3

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: Living Soil

"Our soils support 95 percent of all food production, and by 2060, our soils will be asked to give us as much food as we have consumed in the last 500 years. They filter our water. They are one of our most cost-effective reservoirs for sequestering carbon. They are our foundation for biodiversity. And they are vibrantly alive, teeming with 10,000 pounds of biological life in every acre. Yet in the last 150 years, we’ve lost half of the basic building block - 1/3

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