@jaz is it acceptable to have a separate account for my business?

@dafyddmonks Not only is it acceptable, it is the preferred option 👍 That way people know they can talk to the business or the person. We are ad-free but you are welcome to promote your business here as long as it doesn't spam the timeline.

@jaz Great, I shall set that up later. I'm excited that this is a local pod. The geek in me also has some questions about the resources it takes to run this instance, etc but don't want to bother you with the geeking out!

@dafyddmonks always happy to talk geek! Happy to answer any questions. But note, I don't run this myself, I want uptime and stability so we are on a managed hosting situation. There are also great resources at and you can search the tag as well

@jaz Just wondering how Mastadon is on diskspace... I ran a personal Friendica pod years ago, and it pretty soon filled up my hard disk with all the federated feeds!

@dafyddmonks We're at a couple of gigs right now, and larger instances get very large very quickly. Really depends how many accounts and instances you're federating with, and how often you clean out the cache.

@jaz *nods*... are federated feeds cached/flushable? 2 gigs sounds conservative... my Friendica install got that big with just me using it casually for a year!

@dafyddmonks the media is flushable, local caches needed but older toots you can flush the media and it'll point back to the originating server

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