It can sometimes be difficult to resist shiny new tech.

Example, WordPress + Advanced Custom Fields, enable building custom web pages very quickly. The same way I was doing it when I got my first dev. job around 10 years ago.

I tried out alternatives: but missing features, buggy beta releases and learning fatigue are a thing.

@davey been doing it this way for four years now. not a bad life. mostly worked on bigger projects running drupal in the years before that.

@autumn Well I'm happy to say I've never had the pleasure of working with Drupal 😅
Do you have other plugins on your essentials list?
Mine used to be Yoast, but it seems a bit bloated. I've tried MathRank recently, and it's going well :)

@davey timber for templating in twig and stoutlogic’s acf builder. the latter isn’t a plug-in, but a way of keeping acf in php code for easier management.

formidable is our go-to for any kind of contact/newsletter form.

@autumn oh nice, I'll keep them in mind.

I've used (and enjoyed) stoutlogic previously. Recently ex co-worker of mine was asking about the status of the stoutlogic project. There's not been many updates, meaning it's features might start to lag behind ACF's.

Formidable looks cool too, makes cf7 look old skool.

@davey @autumn I tend to avoid anything that has tracking or bloat implications. Makes for creative thinking!

@davidoclubb @autumn yes! I don't think I've build any WP sites without a cheeky hack or shoe-horn of a plugin ;)
But, it's not always obvious which plugins will have trackkng, bloat or be heavy on the server.

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