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New head coach in Andy Farrell takes charge of a somewhat changed , last seen being drubbed by in the . Finn Russell is of course not in the squad, Hopefully this will be a bit more even of a match than Wales' outing against Italy, but the bookies have Scotland 7 to 1 so... probably not. Scotland haven't beaten Ireland in Dublin since 2010

#IREvSCO 5m 

IRE 0-3 SCO Scotland make a bold mark with the first points of the day. Hastings takes the kick and Scotland are off to a good start in Dublin.

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Ireland looking to offer a quick answer to Scotland's opening. Big run up field for Ireland, ending in a holding-on penalty. Sexton pops it to the corner, Ireland attack phases on the Scotland 5.

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#IREvSCO 10m 


Ireland dance up to the line and Sexton runs around to score. Takes a breath and then adds the two.

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First scrum goes to Scotland after Ringrose loses the ball. Healy collapses and Scotland earn a penalty. Hastings lines up.

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#IREvSCO 16m 


Scotland opt to stay on the board the easy way. Hasting for the points.

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Scotland earn a dodgy penalty in their own half and Hogg smacks it way down field for a lineout inside the Ireland 22.

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Ireland decisively kill the Scotland maul, and we have green scrum in the Irish 22. Two binds, two whistles. Third time's a charm? Ref has a word with the hookers. Stander comes out with the ball but Scotland is all over him, lots of disruption. Ireland retain possession though, and it's cleared into touch outside the 22, well short of where that box kick should have gone.

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Very nice lineout from Scotland, they break up to the line, Scotland asking a lot of questions and knocking on the door, but Ireland get yet another turnover, squelching the advance.

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Emotions running high this half hour. Scotland seem a little to eager to rewrite their showing at the World Cup. Ireland has all the legs but Scotland is fired up and it's leading to some over-emotional outbursts on and off the ball. Blue scrum inside the Ireland 22, to thunderous boos from the home crowd.

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Scotland earn another penalty but it swings just wide right of the post. Maybe Hogg should've had that one instead. Ireland jump quickly back into play and the ball is almost immediately over the halfway leading to an Irish penalty which is kickable for Sexton, about 40 metres out.

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#IREvSCO 34m 

IRE 10-6 SCO Clean kick from Sexton and Ireland add three.

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Scotland cough up another stupid penalty, right in front of the ref. Waste.Amazon's rugby bots tell us there's a 91% chance of this kick going over. Thanks Amazon.

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Scotland pick off a long pass and run it all the way back, but lose it at the breakdown for holding on. Ireland kick to touch, but want to make Scotland feel better about missing touch so many times this half so the ball stays in for Scotland. Efforts are made but nothing worth tooting about. Half-time whistle blows and if nothing else, that was an entertaining 40 minutes.

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Second half is under way! Ringrose has not returned. Ireland nicked four turnovers in the first half, but Stuart Hogg beat seven defencers. Ireland kick to corner for a good lineout, 10 metres from the Scottish tryline.

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Scotland penalised for not moving away, Ireland play the advantage but it ends in nothing. Sexton opts for the sticks this time.

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#IREvSCO 44m 

IRE 13-6 SCO That kick was so easy Amazon didn't bother computing the probability. Sexton makes no mistake this time.

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Price kicks a frustrated ball to nowhere but lucks out as Ireland try to run it back and step in to touch. Scotland's lineout is good and attack phases are underway. Hogg fumbles his way over and we're off to the TMO for the grounding.

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@jaz Hard to see beyond an Irish win here. Scotland have a lot of work to do to get back to winning ways. I'm a fan of Hastings at 10, but they're going to miss Russell massively.

On the Irish front, Cooney's not the replacement we need, but he deserves to be starting ahead of Murray. Looking forward to him shining off the bench.

Caelan Doris for motm. Absolute monster. Ireland by 20. #rugby #irevsco #6nations

@dregin Scotland starting strong to be fair, clearly trying to make a strong impression up front before the game gets away from them. Doris still down...

@dregin Yep, bit of a one-sided day all around methinks. Still, let's see how Farrell has evolved as head coach.

@jaz Scotland are overcommitting at the breakdown. It's working so far, but I don't expect it to last.

@dregin I'm sure they're under orders to be loud and fast up front in an effort to boost game confidence. Can't last.

@dregin Pretty entertaining stuff so far, Scotland chipping away at the edges. Ireland look to have all the clinical form though, should be able to close this out.

@dregin Thundering first four minutes for a bold Scotland start. Debutante Doris takes a head knock from his team mate and is off for HIA. Scotland waiting to take their penalty.

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