Is it about load balance ?

Anyway, I have to try it!

Is there an available explanation on how the forces are spread by matches and ropes please?

@freyja_wildes @jaz reddit.com/r/Physics/comments/

The vertical matchstick pushes the sideways matchstick under the table, so that the center of mass is under the table as well.

@freyja_wildes @danielhglus @jaz there's some debate in that thread about the solution, including this image showing it done without pushing the weight under the table

@datatitian @freyja_wildes @jaz I'm not too sure about how the diagram implies that the upwards matchstick force opposes the downwards pull from the string, because while they oppose, the upwards force isn't going to change whether the matchstick on the table rotates (imagine a person sitting on the sideways matchstick pushing upwards on the table matchstick - they wouldn't be able to prevent the table matchstick from rotating)

@danielhglus @freyja_wildes @jaz I think the trick is that the diamond shape of the rope around the sideways stick directs some of force from the weight upwards into the sideways stick, which the vertical stick then pushes against to oppose the rotation of the top stick

@jaz @freyja_wildes Consider that the match on top, on the bench is a lever. The rope is the fulcrum. The vertical match pushes up and locks the top match in position. The crossways match provides something for the vertical match to push against.

Once you see that the top match is a lever, I think the rest of how it works becomes clear.

@jaz Does someone know where I can find reality's tracker? I'd like to report a bug.

Cool! I totally understand the physics behind it, but I'm still very impressed.

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