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hopefully a bit more entertaining than the last, Ollie Lawrence v Cameron Redpath at 12, Farrell v the returning Finn Russell, it's at Twickers and haven't won here since the year I got my first school tie for comprehensive and my great grandma was still swilling two Mackeson's a day, but there's no crowd, maybe the home field advantage is a thing of the past this year.

The Calcutta Cup is 150 years old this weekend, bring it home !


Eddie Jones' team have a religious requirement to come out guns blazing and get the first score. Lovely to see get the first points, although so far it's Scotland v Maro Itoje

England have coughed up eight penalties in 22 minutes, three from Itoje. The scoreline doesn't show Scotland capitalising though. Blue needs to take these points before the England bench gets thrown on after the half.

Edit, ninth penalty awarded as I write this, Vunipola off for 10.

When you're playing England and you have 75% possession, 7 or 8 visits to the 22, they're a man down and the best you can do is finish the half with a two point lead, it really hits home that when you have a chance for three points, you take the three points.

Well it's fair to say I stopped packing the house up 30 minutes ago... this is fantastic contest, some very conservative, cautious substitutions taking place, whoever wins it will be well-earned for sure.

@jaz I'll take that win any day. Especially after waiting since 1983.

@jaz I'm really hoping the fact Scotland didn't make the most of almost total dominance will come back to haunt them...

@iamalsoandy it almost has to, they have what 8 more minutes a man down when they come back in, and England simply have a deeper bench. You can't whittle England down, you got to get up in their face fast, and get some points on the board, last couple of years that's been the only way to unsettle them.

@jaz well... We still look unsettled for now! Best of six nations to you!

@iamalsoandy yeh, that was a well-handled ten minutes for Scotland, and they took the three that was on offer. Smart moves, England still throwing penalties out like popcorn. Anything can happen in 30 minutes, but we (Wales) should be clear we have a fight on our hands next week.

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