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So, which is it?

<<RT @ashermarley: Beautiful sunrise at Pen-y-Fan this morning, make the most of these longer days and GETOUTSIDE! 🌞 @OSleisure @VisitBeacons @BreconBeaconsNP @ruthwignall>>

The People's Collection Wales share a short film

"Cynefin" is a short film made by schools in Wales about the Polish artist Josef Herman and voiced by Michael Sheen. The talented pupils came up with the idea, wrote the script and created the characters and backdrops. They tried out stop-motion animation and also produced the film's score with BAFTA Award-Winning Composer Tic Ashfield.

Watch the short film ⬇️
Uploaded by Ysgol Maesydderwen

Nice day for a very short first walk after my op. Along the Cynon Trail to the Robertstown Tramway Bridge.

<<RT @Halen_Mon: We’re so excited that Tide/ Llanw, our outdoor café is open from today. The sun is shining, the Coaltown coffee is delicious, and there's a tray of sausage rolls fresh out of the oven>>

There are people from Wales who have relocated to the lively and cosmopolitan New York City. How does the group keep the hwyl alive in the city that never sleeps?

[EN] Kusasenri in the mist - Kusasenri is a grassland located in the mount Aso area, in Japan, one of the world's largest active caldera.

[FR] Kusasenri dans la brume - Kusasenri est une prairie située dans la région d'Aso, au Japon, au cœur d'une des plus grandes calderas en activité.

#photo #photography #WeeklyPhotoChallenge #brume #fog #mist #paysage #japon #japan

folding a picture of my bed into my wallet in case i ever need to remind myself what’s waiting for me at home

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