@sparkyrite Message received loud and clear. Where you joining us from Sparky? 👍

@jaz cheers fella...from the chilly wasteland known as Ebbw Vale 😉👍🏽

@sparkyrite and welcome from - I'm from Llanilltud Fawr on the coast, although I live in NY which has been a pretty chilly wasteland these past weeks... ❄️

@jaz yeah,some of the pics from your side of the pond look wild!...the usual chaos caused here by a few inches 😂😂

@sparkyrite I remember the snow storm of what was it, 1984? 12 snow foot drifts. Those were the days... My village was cut off entirely for a bit there. 😐

@jaz indeed,though it was a bit like that last year,7 ft drifts here in places

Bunch of new folks joining today, reminder to check out twtcymru.wordpress.com/getting for getting started here. 🎓 Click on and to find other people here, and add yourself to the directory if you want to be found! toot.wales/settings/profile

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