Relatively quiet here in NYC, calm before the storm. Hospitalisations are down over the past 36 hours, mortalities up. ICUs are filling up, so more and more beds being reconfigured for ICU status. Playgrounds are now closed, it's a few hours to get into any shop. Guidance here is now everyone to wear a mask or covering of some kind, and lockdown in place till Apr 30. In the meantime, working on a couple of COVID response apps and some data connectivity for emergency response and clinical trials.


@jaz The Data you obtain + supply must be worth gold for Med Teams. As a Taff in Staten Island I am proud of all your efforts.

@wardy cheers 😀 right now the big lift is 2500 patient records to feed the clinical trials, and then trying to secure electronic access for those patients to their own data once they're discharged so we can track their outcomes over the next few weeks. Every hospital or hospital group has their own system and most of them don't talk to each other too well...

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