Today's headlines: Wednesday 13th January
Cases still trending down. Deaths showing signs that they're passed the peak (though it's too early to say for sure). R appears to be going down.

It's really looking good for cases: bearing in mind numbers tend to increase through the week, today's 1533, although higher than yesterday, still continues the downward trend - it's still the second lowest reliable figure since 4th December.
7-day average: 1842 - DOWN 101

I'm not prepared to give my usual estimated R today, since the calculation involves an estimate of cases (as opposed to actual data) on one day over the new year, and an estimate based on an estimate is one step too far. But signs are good that it has fallen and is around 0.9.

Today's deaths (66) represents the rebound we normally see after the weekend (Tuesday's figures mostly represent Sunday deaths). So for the 3rd day running there's a decrease in the average; not a big one, but hopefully the peak has passed.
7-day average: 46.43 - DOWN 1.43

has 23 new cases. Although the average drops a little, I am still a bit disappointed in this. The trends across the week that we see in larger numbers (the national figures) have lesser relevance with smaller numbers (the data are noisier).

Having said that, Wednesday has been the peak day for Ceredigion for the last 3 weeks, so hopefully that's the explanation.
7-day average: 17.43 - DOWN 0.43

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