Today's headlines:
Cases continue to trend down, though R is still showing signs of a rise. Deaths are also down.

There were 319 cases reported today, with a positivity rate of 6.1, which is second lowest post-peak only to yesterday's 6.0.
7-day average: 356 - DOWN 6 on yesterday, down 51 over a week.

R (estimate 1 - publication date data): 0.92 - UP 0.02
R (estimate 2 - sample date data): 0.95 - DOWN 0.02

It looks like R has indeed risen this past week, and is now uncomfortably close to 1.

There were 9 deaths recorded today. That's low for a Monday, although Mondays always tend to be low (reflecting weekend reporting).
7-day average: 15.57 - DOWN 1.0

has 3 new cases. It's seemingly impossible to get down to a consistent zero, and because it pops up seemingly randomly across the county, the only explanation I can think of is people travelling beyond the county's borders bringing it in.

See for today's locations.
Numerically, 3 gives Ceredigion top spot, though 3 other counties are ahead in cases per capita: in order, best first, Vale of Glamorgan (4 cases), Penfro (4 cases), Bridgend (5 cases).

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