Already not happy about having to go outside today only to discover this tragedy out my back window. Why? Why? The poor tree. Also, why would you cut down all your and my shade? I would have come down and helped clean up the leaves! I'm going too miss seeing the birds in the limbs.

I have to tell myself that the limbs came down with the tropical storm last week. My heart can't bear the idea that they would voluntarily cut it down.

Half a tree is better than no tree, but still.

@manuelcaeiro no, but I felt like if I was home when it happened I could have advocated for it somehow.

Based on further studying of the area, there is a new fence between the two yards and damage to another portion of fence so I'm going with it came down in a storm.

Strangely enough, when taking part of the tree down they decided to leave the plywood laying in the branches.

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