Noson Cymraeg am y Brit...dewch ymlaen i ymarfer eich Cymraeg neu i cael ychydig o peintiau a cael a canu dda!!

Welsh night at The Brit tonight.....the infamous Mari Lwyd....come along to practice your Welsh or just to have a few pints & a good sing song!


@fitheach Yes, I know. I prefer to think that it means “The Ancient Briton” which is us.
But it probably doesn’t.
But it is the Welshest pub in my hometown!!

The pub logo uses a silhouette of Britannia, that's the giveaway.

I'm reading Walter Scott's "The Betrothed", at the moment, and that novel uses Briton to mean Welsh. The other main characters are defined as Saxon and Norman, with the latter having the upper hand. Scott's later novels don't tend to use "Briton", instead the characters are either Scottish/Welsh/English.

@fitheach Yes, the history of it all is interesting. The Pub was always called the Brittania Inn (100 yrs+)....then shut down for a few years, then reopened as The Brit.....some progress I guess. :$

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