Shared on FB and Tweeted too! Thank you 🤩


Many thanks indeed!

PS I circulated the toot by email under the heading 'With Apologies to Arthur Lee' (I'll leave you the task of working out this rather obscure reference!)


Cheers! Well done!

(PS Before I came out to Symi in 2017, I lived in Cwmdu and before that Presteigne.)

I really like Cwmdu it's very pretty and amazing how the local people took over the local pub to keep it going.
With Covid now though it may be a different story. I have not been for a few years now.


I spent just over ten years in Cwmdu before I left in mid-October 2017. Many happy memories. The Farmers is now a community pub. I visited it on a return visit in August last year and had a meal. At the time it was managed by a young couple on behalf of the community. For personal reasons they decided to leave and it is now run by two local residents - Colin and Stuart. During the lock down, they operated a takeaway service. I imagine it is now open and running according to national (Cymru) guidance. It has a small beer garden which probably helps. As for the long-term future, that's obviously an unknown, along with so many other businesses across the world.

I made a short video of the village in the last week of 2009.

You can find it here:

Stunning video, so much history there too. What a great place to live.
They used to have a summer fair, I think in June. I must make the effort and visit again. It has a special kind of charm, like many places in Cymru but it's the local people who make it so warm and friendly. Wonderful, thank you for sharing!

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