@anniemo71 and a fairer voting system that - amongst other things - doesn't waste votes if you happen to live in the wrong place!

@anniemo71 Lords of the manor, tythes to the church and subjugation by the monarchy. Our transition to a fully functional democracy is less than 50% complete imho.

@anniemo71 I wish we'd seen more memes like this in 2016.

The "unelected Eurocrats imposing rules" idea had been repeated so often in the media for so many years that it had become common knowledge.

It wasn't until I specifically looked it up during the Brexit referendum period that I learned the EU parliament is fully elected and the EU commissioners are appointed by MEPs.

Indeed, we were just constantly lied to as we are now. Most people I know simply wanted to believe them. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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