Rhondda Cynon Taff in lockdown from 6pm tomorrow.

@oilyfish unfortunately yes. Not supposed to enter or leave the area without a 'reasonable excuse' ie I need to go to work or hospital

@gomez Without a safe vaccine I don't see how we're not all going to be doing the same thing. They've instituted sort of half measures here that I hope will be enough - but I seriously doubt it. At this point I don't think the gov can do any more because of the politics of it all. Once it gets very bad again then they'll have to do more.

@oilyfish here Wales has finally mandated masks in shops and indoor areas. But this outbreak is 50% traced to pubs, a trip to Doncaster races that was really a chauffered pub crawl and returning holiday makers. The other 50% is community transmission, IE people not socially distancing.
I agree no vaccine no hope of getting out of this loop!

@gomez I think I've said this before but these days it ssems the human race is a race to the bottom.

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