@rugby Dan Lydiate back for the first time since 2018 and he just took a troubling knee injury. he's strapped up and trying to stay on but I sense Navidi might be thrown in soon enough.

@rugby wow, red card for in the 14th minute. Dangerous high contact. ouch.

@rugby even down a man, are extremely capable of moving the ball from one side of the pitch to the other and back again almost uninterrupted

are showing signs of their 2019 defense capabilities. Let's hope it's not a day of penalties.

@rugby woop, luvverly try from , simple switch of direction, one gap and then a broken tackle. Job. Done.

Ireland have had the possession and 14v15 that was a deserved try.

Wlaes will have a nice chat in the changing room methinks.


@rugby trying to shore up the method in the second half, still seemingly unfazed missing a man. George North scores but Halfpenny whiffs the conversion, close stuff still in the 50th minute

@rugby North, Halfpenny, quick hands over to Rees-Zammit who plants a quality dive to ground the ball smack dab in the corner for a quality piece of work. Conversion is good.

@rugby AWJ accidental offside, he's trying to wiggle out of the tackle zone but he's caught under the halfback's crotch yelling at Clive Barnes "I'm not touching it" I'm cracking up

@rugby holy moly what a cracking finish. Breathless 5 or 6 minutes there. Excellent opener for both teams in my opinion. Quite glad we weren't facing 15 Irish today.

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