ℹ️ is a major concern for us here on as well as many other servers.

After joining, please check your profile (link below) to enable or disable:

1. Require follow requests
Manually control who can follow you by requiring your approval

2. Suggest account to others
Allow your account to be discovered by strangers

3. Hide your social graph
Don't let others see who follows you, and who you follow.

Once done, then check where you can

1. Opt-out of search engine indexing

2. Set your default posting privacy (public, semi-public, followers-only)

3. Hide which app you're using

While there, chose what language you'd like your interface to be in, and exclude any languages you'd rather not see in your feeds.

@jaz Hiya, I've set my language preferences but I'm still seeing local toots in other languages (Greek). I wonder if it depends what the user has set their own posting language to? Can you maybe see if there's any way of filtering these out? Cheers

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