I'm pleased with the response I've had to a few 'toots' on this Mastodon instance. I'm all in favour of the concept of a decentralised platform. Also Mastodon is coded in Ruby on Rails which I like - the website uses that as well.

However, to get H.I.W. going, I'm going to have to start posting this on Twitter (yuk) and Facebook (yuuuuuk) as well.

So thumbs up to the Jazz et als who set up

My only complaint is - you seem to have hosted it in France!

@mglewis yep, we are hosted with a fantastic Mastodon hosting service, but happy to support increased hosting services in Wales!

@davidoclubb The website seems to be working OK:
however, it is just a holding website - an updated version will be going up next week with a lot more stuff.

I registered for consistency with sister sites and

After consultation with some native welsh speakers, I also registered

There are probably many names I could register Any suggestions/advice gratefully received!

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