A round of applause is due to @davey for building a good looking website and supporting Welsh!

We need more of this guys and gals, lets make cwm silicon happen.

@mglewis Cheers, btw, it is a real joint effort. Jess & I... plus it would never have been multilingual so soon, had it not been for Dave and Mari of Afallen 😊
> cwm silicon 😀💯

@davey How about giving us a few lines to say what platform you build that on (LAMP?). Any lessons and challenges to share?

It would be good if you posted that on the Foss Wales forum( where concepts like 'LAMP' will be understood and of interest.

@mglewis There have been so many challenges!

The stack is loosley based on GRAND. It's GraphQL, React, Apollo and Neo4j Database. I've attached our systems diagram + article.

The main challenge is just not having enough hours in the day 😅

Technically speaking this stands out. Setting up infrastructure as code with Kubernetes + Terraform + Kubeone. I had to stop/start a LOT, even learn go lang basics to make a PR for attaching firewalls to new hetzner instances.

@mglewis as for other lessons and challenges. I could probably write a series of blog posts 🤣

If/when I do. I'll tag you, and share in -wales 💯

@davey Thanks for posting the diagram of the Hapo project - clearly a significant piece of work. And do please post more like this on FOSS Wales.

I have never used a graph database, and your post got me thinking I should look into one - it seems there are a couple of open source options, and Neo4j has a free version.

Exchanging experience like this can stimulate ideas.

The BIG issue that remains to be solved is as you say not enough hours in the day!

No open source fix for that!

@mglewis No probs, I will post more as and when I have free time. Always good to hear other's feedback like this. ( btw, haplo looks really cool but I can't take credit for that ;) )

I think neo4j has a good freemium model, you pay more for enterprise level features. But, if ou want strictly FOSS there is a fork from just before a liscence change away from OS.

> No open source fix for that!

Lol, not directly, but I sure would have less hours in my day without it!

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