Hello everyone! I am new here and finding it confusing but I am sure I will get the hang of it! Here are some photos of Hereford

@nuala hi and welcome and thanks for the 😃 feel free to ask any questions, there's a bunch of friendly people waiting to answer. lovely - thanks for sharing!

Some starter tips are in my profile as pinned toots, but you seem to be doing just fine so far 👍

@nuala Welcome to the Fediverse.
Here is a photo from my back garden in Cornwall

@nuala lovely photos, thanks for sharing! one thing we recommend on mastodon is to describe your pictures- you can add a description to each uploaded image, generally by clicking on it while you're still composing the post. that way, the blind or partially sighted people can still appreciate the pictures you share, and the people who can see them are given more context. it's something that makes mastodon is more accessible to people 😄

@pfx Thanks for letting me know how to do that! I have been seeing people use CWs for flashing lights which has made the site more accessible for me so I definitely want to make sure I do the same for everyone else 😀

@nuala that's great! yes, people CW a lot of things- including food, eye contact, mental health (good and bad), and other topics.

@nuala Welcome to the Fediverse!
These photos were taken some days ago, but the weather is similar today!

@joaopinheiro is that in Italy? Love the moody weather ☁️

@nuala welcome. Those are lovely pictures. Stick with Mastodon and you'll get used to it.

@kevie thank you! Yes I think I'm getting used to it and plan on sticking around. Everyone has been very welcoming!

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