Today (24.01.21) I went out for a walk to look at the thawing snow around Hereford. Some of the remaining flood water has frozen over!

@nuala looks cold, I hope that you wrapped up well 🥶

@kevie I did surprisingly well with the cold! It was relatively mild really, about 2-4 degrees so a few layers of cotton did the trick

@nuala were not used to the cold up here, so anything below 5°C has us reaching for thermal undergarments and multi layers of fur lined clothing 😂😂😂

@kevie sounds a lot more sensible than the man I saw earlier, who was wearing shorts!

@nuala brrrr even thinking about that makes me shiver LOL 😂😂😂

@nuala I'll stick to a nice paced walk followed by a #cupoftea ☕😀

@nuala snow in the South today too, was quite a pleasant surprise to wake up to!

@aspie4K yes I was suprised when I opened the curtains too! I wish I hadn't had a lie in so I could have seen it before it started melting.

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