Hello people. I have a question. Has anyone heard of a process called "discreet information sharing" before? According to a document I read yesterday it seems this is when people pass very sensitive medical info along to other people and is described as "holistic" and "not careless use of data".

@nuala Seems like a legal jargon. Maybe it just means taking specific steps to secure the data like encryption.

@kawaiipunk It's refering to things like verbal conversations and work emails but in context of the document could be legal-jargon

@nuala maybe it means not ccing the whole department or something :blobfacepalm:

@kawaiipunk I'm very sure it involves keeping the data processing 'discreet' from the person whose data it is but I'm less sure about other interested parties (like other people in different departments who want a look at it)

@nuala that sounds pretty dangerous. I know that facebook was trying to obtain every kind of medical information from all of us and other sensitive infos such as our financial information and so on. I don’t know, however, if they do collect such data and how it works.

@repeet ugh facebook is a nightmare. Good (albeit worrying) point about the collection of data, I was focused on the sharing aspect. Discreet information sharing just really doesn't sound good as a concept does it but I'm wondering if I'm missing something

@nuala sharing and collecting such data should be forbidden. I think that the netherlands had a major leak of sensitive data in their health app and they are facing a huge shitstorm right now.

@nuala I could see this becoming a privacy nightmare in so-called smart-homes. E.g. The fridge that is sold as being able to detect when you are low on a product could also be sending your pics to the health insurance company trying to raise your premium as they make assumptions about your diet.

@kevie ooft how often I open my fridge is one thing I hope never gets recorded!!

@nuala this is just one example of how a smart house, people are basically giving their details away

@nuala I haven't, but I am involved in health data apps, personal health records and such, would love a link to the research if it's public

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