In the same way "carbon footprint" is a concept with some merit that has been weaponised beyond the point of return by gas companies, "echo chamber" places the blame on consumers of social media when the real problem isn't that they're completely surrounded only by opinions they've selected to hear, it's that the social media companies are bombarding them with things they'll find anger provoking or distressing

do you know what mellowed my fucking opinions on the world? being able to curate which other opinions I am exposed to

@nuala huh. When I think abou it, yeah, my favourite social networks are Mastodon and Tumblr, which both don't use recommendation algorithms to re-sort, filter, or add to my timeline, and both have built-in word filters.


Please remember, there is more to the fediverse than 'mastodon', e.g. 'diaspora':

@Anke it's so strange because back in the day Tumblr was a pioneer for a lot of the stuff that's ruined the rest of social media, like their reblogging feature and the concept of influencers as we understand it today. Really suprised (but glad!) they've still got a chronological timeline and word filter.

@nuala 6+ years ago after chewing on that idea of the filter bubble I started thinking instead of information as a kind of global water supply, a public good that these companies essentially profit by dumping poison into, and should be regulated and/or dismantled with comparable severity.

@jplebreton interesting way of looking at it, like a sort of environmental polution

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