my silicon valley disrupting idea is an app for stray cats to help them find student houses

why do stray cats always end up at student houses


i've not found my lost cat yet btw. but I am deep in the lost animal social media rabbit hole and the irl local discussion about stray cats and like. why do they all seem to end up trying to move in with students

@nuala I remember being a student and knowing students and aye, them houses smell like a place where a whole entire cat could go unnoticed for days at a time, quietly helping itself to unattended food or semifood.

I'm sorry you're having such difficulty finding your cat btw.

@ifixcoinops and the dispersal of responsibility between the group once the cat is spotted I suppose.

Thanks. It's been an intense search and going into the new year I'll have to start scaling it back

@ifixcoinops @nuala

when I lived in Reading a lot of my friends were either students or squatters, and numerous random cats (both pet cats and strays) would visit them, there was this one large stray tomcat who would turn up at every squat (he eventually wandered into town (a good 3km away) and befriended the fishmongers and ended up in the news (he got a forever home in the West Berkshire countryside 😺 )

@vfrmedia @ifixcoinops I love famous cats! In Hereford we have Holly, who is a three legged tortie cat who does have a home but hangs out at ASDA

@fedops thanks, it's been over 2 months now but I'm not going to completely give up

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