Dear Twt.Wales,

Does anyone use ? Any opinions on it? Is there a Twt or instance?

@jaz @davidoclubb @welshpixie @Sbectol

@robriley @jaz @welshpixie @Sbectol I'm interested in as a decentralised alternative for hosting my own or institutional videos. I don't think @jaz has created a '' or equivalent yet

@davidoclubb @jaz @welshpixie @Sbectol If there were an 'instance' I would like to join it, I have some English language teaching videos. I'd also like to see videos related to Cymraeg.

@robriley @jaz @welshpixie @Sbectol I would like to start up one for @NICW as a trial if there's not a one, but I am probably a few weeks off that at the moment - no video content is a minor issue!

@davidoclubb @welshpixie @robriley @jaz @Sbectol @NICW
Video Toot Wales would be pretty awesome. Whilst i already make content elsewhere on , I'd be happy to do whatever i can to support such a venture.

@ChrisWere @davidoclubb @welshpixie @jaz @Sbectol @NICW I forget who set up Toot.Wales, maybe they would like to help set this up, though I agree with FediThing that there is some unpleasant stuff there, nut our 'instance' would be moderated (by ourselves)

@davidoclubb @robriley @ChrisWere @welshpixie @Sbectol @NICW yup, currently in then tmrw - will be home in a week-ish, will follow up on the tech stuff then

@jaz @davidoclubb @ChrisWere @welshpixie @Sbectol @NICW Super, I love the idea of Twt having it's own peertube instance. Now sure how it works, do we need our own storage space/server?

@robriley @jaz @ChrisWere @welshpixie @Sbectol @NICW Yes - but I would wait until Jaz is back from his holidays to see whether it's something he is planning

@robriley @davidoclubb @ChrisWere @welshpixie @Sbectol @NICW hokie dokie, starting to catch up. There's 3 blockers to peertube for me right now.

1. I really want a graceful SSO option before I add too many more services. I really don't like the idea of running five or six different auth services.

2. Peertube would need a lot more moderation than I can probably provide single handedly.

3. Cost might become an issue quickly. Toot Wales in total costs a little over £150/mth, PT might double that

@jaz @robriley @davidoclubb @ChrisWere @welshpixie @NICW I don't really see there's a whole lot of value in another peertube instance. Most/many are already very small with low traffic, why would we want to add another?

@jaz @Sbectol @robriley @davidoclubb @welshpixie @NICW
I've posted a few videos lately. As per my post auto-deletion settings they should hang about for only a month.

Does that do much to help keep costs down?

@ChrisWere @Sbectol @robriley @davidoclubb @welshpixie @NICW sure, but we would probably want a livestraming option, and in general I'd want to be able to host videos in perpetuity for folks who wanted that option.

I will explore possible funds for the org.

@robriley @jaz @davidoclubb @welshpixie @Sbectol

AFAIK SepiaSearch is not moderated, so it's got some pretty nasty things on it.

Would be nice if someone could do a moderated version.

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