Hello! I am a fibre artist living near Aberystwyth. I am learning to speak Welsh (slowly!). I have cats, hens and ducks. I enjoy working on my mountainside garden.

@AwkwardAda Hi there, and ! Is your entire mountainside felted? Let us know if you have any questions or need help getting around 👍

@jaz Hello! Ha ha no! Although the and inspires the felt creations. I am exploring slowly. It seems much more pleasant and positive here than other platforms. ♥️

@AwkwardAda that's the general point - global community with a personal touch 😃

We rely on reports from our members to let us know if there are people interrupting your timeline or DMs that you feel are acting contrary to our community guidelines.

You can personally mute, block, or report any user of from any server, doesn't have to be coming from, we are a federated community.

@davidoclubb Diolch yn fawr! Lovely to be here. Seems like a lovely community.

@AwkwardAda Awesome art! Dw i'n dysgu Cymraeg hefyd. Dych chi'n gallu ymarfer gyda fi os dych chi eisiau. 👍

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