Excellent and well-written blog David.

I must say I thought dropping the Swansea tidal lagoon was a major mistake. Saying I was very disappointed is an understatement.
Let's hope our leaders whoever they are are more open minded in the future.
Thank you 🙂

@anniemo71 Thanks very much for your feedback - much appreciated :) Yes, the SBTL was a huge missed opportunity. Once-in-a-generation thing.

@davidoclubb @anniemo71 Haven't read the article, but the Tidal Laggon was the single, worst idea ever. Absolute pie in the sky, which which would have caused environmental destruction on a huge scal, and utterly destoyed our beautiful bay, in order to line the pockets of some far off fatcats! Thank goodness it was ditched and replaced with this laughable idea of floating houses!!! I quit being a member of Greenpeace over this.....was a member for over 25 (?) years!!!!!!!!

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