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visit for the Calcutta Cup, but they will arrive aroundabout the same time as Storm Ciara.

It promises to be a blustery day, both weather and temper, and there've been plenty of windy words in the lead-up, with Eddie Jones being Eddie Jones calling a "niggly" team, leading to some choice words from various players on both sides.

50 to 70 mph wind forecast, so we will see a battle of the forwards today.

We are kicked off in Edinburgh, after the bagpipes stopped halfway through the Scottish anthem and the crowd finished it in fine form.

Scotland will want to cycle some quick ball and put their stamp on the first few minutes.

England kick an up and under which travels forward about 15 metres, then the wind grabs it and sends it back into English hands. Farrell powers one in to the far left corner for an English lineout.

Good pressure from both teams in the opening five minutes.

Ball is clearly available but ref Pascal says Scotland is infringing. Penalty England, 35 ish metres out, many mph wind away.

Farrell argues with Ciara and loses, the kick drifts wide to the right and ends up well short as well.

Despite the wind, England are kicking a lot, up, over, cross, all over, no-one was expecting that.

SCOvENG 11m 


Cummings coughs up a penalty for not rolling away, this time it's good for Farrell, who gets to kick from just about the same spot.

The rain just turned up, so it's wet, windy and wild in . Scotland pick up a penalty from a high tackle but squander it. Scotland regain and gain another penalty from a maul infringement and Hogg finds good touch. Scotland knocking on the door now.

Four or five turnovers have gone ENgland's way already, but Scotland's forwards not showing any sign of being overpowered by the English front row. Scrappy scrums but plenty of movement across the field.

England pick up an iffy penalty with Bradbury allegedly offside, but the wind keeps Farrell in check, the kick goes wide left.

Handling Errors:

Scotland 8
England 0

C'mon Scotland, you should be able to deal with this weather.

First half wrapping up, clock is red, it's been a messy first 40, plenty of frustration for all players, but England managing to keep their composure. Scotland should try to slow things down, get the territory, and ruffle some white feathers.

Winner of the first half: Ciara.

Welcome back to , kickoff and Scotland are on the attack with a great break from prop Sutherland who barrels into the English 22.

SCOvENG 45m 


Scotland coming up short as they attack the English try line, but they win a penalty advantage which ends up being kicked by Hastings while his dad watches. Despite the wind it's pretty straightforward and cleanly through.

Yet another strip from an English player off his feet and the Scottish attack is foiled. Ref needs to wake up.

20 minutes to go, Scotland have lost 7 lineouts so far. Still, they've matched their second half comeback against England of last year...

England power through a scrum and win a penalty. Farrell opts to kick and needs someone to hold the ball steady.

... and the ball goes a few minutes walk wide of the posts. Farrell tries for low and straight but Ciara gets her hands on it.

What's most surprising is England not losing their cool. They were so easily frustrated last week, this week they seem almost spaced out.

This might be Hoggs' mistake of the week for this week. He chases a bouncing grubber back under his posts but squibs it, no control. If he's on the line it's dead ball, but Farrell comes through to touch it down. TMO says...

Hogg grounded it on the line, no try, Hogg can breathe again and it's a 5m scrum for England.

SCOvENG 69m 

SCO 3-10 ENG

Ellis Genge with a good shove from Itoje grounds the ball under a driving maul just right of the posts. Try England. Two points added.

SCOvENG 76m 

SCO 3-13 ENG

Kinghorn drops a high ball and England win ball on the Scotland 22. Youngs pops a pass to Ben Earl. England win a penalty straight in front of the posts and the kick is good.

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@jaz given the wind they had better just concentrate on getting the ball over the line. Penalties and conversions are not going to cut it today.

SCOvENG 45m 

@jaz This is not the most exciting of matches

SCOvENG 45m 

@ianbetteridge It's not exciting but it is sort of car crash curious to watch them trying to figure out a strategy that might work here.

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