End times dog laughing as humans prepare for their unavoidable death by slow roasting

This expression is 100% "why are you looking at me like that? Of course I'm allowed on the table."

Was working from home, t-shirt and shorts, realised I had a video conference with VIP. Got dressed up. Checked the light, made sure I didn't look weird. Ensured nothing weird showing in the background. Moved jigsaw puzzle on table to make room for laptop.

Signed in.

Audio only.

I trimmed my eyebrows for _nothing_

It's so here's Winslow the dog sleeping it off and waiting for dogurday

I think it's fair to say that the more than an hour spent trying to keep certain objects on one side of a conveyor belt was time definitely well spent. It's puzzling, but the satisfaction you get when it works the way you want it to... whew!

Got a little bit stuck watching old episodes of Blockbusters last night. Just wanted to hear "I'd like a P please Bob" and next thing I know it's three hours later.

Moon over Venus

I'm neither a photographer nor an astronomer so my photos are not great and I might be wrong about it being Venus, but I wanted to share this gorgeous morning sky.

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