It's really hard to tell how dirty the deck is until you wash a bit of it. Looked absolutely fine before I started. Now I'm riddled with guilt and shame.

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Due to unprecedented demand I will be releasing my song "(No More) COVID-19" on Spotify in the coming week or so, here's a preview of the single cover.

(There is zero demand for this song, but it occurred to me that something I have never done is release a single, so I thought I should take care of that)

Just got my copy of Uncommonalities Vol I, edited by Toot Wales board member John Schoneboom. Eleven short stories by eleven authors, all with same opening line "One thing no one tells you is you get a taste for it." (shameless plug, I have a short included in Vol II coming this summer) -
A diet plan for practitioners of the Chian way.

Ever find yourself regretting not trying something new? Wish you could explore new foods, lose weight, meet new people? Are you a Chian, following the Church of the Highly Improbable's path to GTQ Amelioration? Then this diet is for you!

Based on cutting-edge SEP Field Theory, this science-based religious diet will have you rethinking not only your lunch order, but your very reason for existence!

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