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Inbox Zero. The loop is real. This is me trying to get my inbox to zero unread messages. Sunday is mostly me deleting stuff and pretending I never saw it.

full-time 43-33, good job excellent display of exhibition - great to see Rory Best one last time, Ken Owens up to his usual form including two tries, Gatland smiling more in one match than in the past twelve years, a bizarre rendition of god save the queen, and great debuts for Pivac's new picks. Fun match all round.

:baner: :rygbi: :wru: Football fields, Fort Worth, Texas. 9am. WiFi hotspot, check. Fully charged laptop, check. FloRugby subscription, check. Nigel Owens refereeing Wales v Barbarians in Welsh and English, double check. Come on Wales!

On this beautiful day I give thanks to the gods of ethanol and juniper berries.

One of my hobbies, my little delights in life, is drawing important-looking things on random whiteboards and seeing how long they last. My record is over two years (a piece of paper on a bulletin board that said "please do not remove this sign"). Let's see how long this one lasts...

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