fundraiser for the local school. Pulled pork or dinner kebab? Who cares, they have doughnuts! 😀🍩

Very exciting!


We're thrilled to announce the launch Wales' first diaspora investment portal.
The portal will be the first and only investment platform dedicated to driving Diaspora Direct Investment into Wales.

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This is up there as one of the hardest I've ever done. Not that it's remotely done...

Not my finest work, but I'm happy and I'm pretty sure that's what matters. My front is now officially open.

Having lunch with the 2019 IPRO Healthcare Quality Improvement award winners.

Putting together a postcard to promote the instance. Thoughts, feedback?

Perl Las Blue, Promise, Perl Wen, Teifi Natural, Mature Cerwyn, Thelma , Tsyilio, Pwll Mawr Smoked, all available from

As a Google Maps contributor I feel extremely proud when one of my restaurant photos exceeds 10,000 views, especially as I exclusively take pictures of the men's bathroom. You can review my collection of toilets around the world here:

This is a PC I built with a cigarette lighter installed in the front. It worked really well, except for when it didn't. Pushing the lighter in was a 50/50 shot if the PC would shut down or not. 2004 methinks.

This is me with the band in I don't quite remember when, maybe 1991?

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